Change your Mindset and watch your business grow

Eighteen months ago, I started on an Online Business journey. Before that, I never paid much attention to the word ‘Mindset’. I presume that is why I had to close my previous business that was eight years old. I would worry about how salaries would be paid, or how much cash I would get in my daily sales. I’d look at how my stock was dwindling, and how I would handle my monthly expenses. I worried about everything until fear took over my mind. I was not allowing my mind to focus on what I really needed to take care of.


On my 36th birthday, I made a decision to remove fear completely from my life. I wanted to be happy, and I wanted to prosper. I realized how much my scarcity mindset was blocking good things from my life, as well as my business. So I set out on a Mindset journey. I read, learned and put into practice everything I came to know about money and a growth mindset. Within one year, there was so much growth. I could not believe the doors that began to open up for my new business. I became a Boss Mom who let go of fear, and was open to receive all the abundance that was just waiting for me.


Here are some things you can do to change your mindset so your business and your life can begin to flourish.


Make the decision

You have to come to that point where you want success bad enough to let go of the fear. It is the greatest setback to your business. Think of all the things you could do if you weren’t afraid! So, you must make the decision and set it in your mind, which is the seat of reasoning. You have to decide once and for all that you are a success, your business is successful and that you have what it takes.


Change your friends

When you are on the path to greatness, you can’t hang around persons who are not seeing your vision. You need to be around persons who have a growth mindset. They will help you by being a positive influence, and will lead you in the direction of results and success.



There are many reading lists online that shows books that can help you change your mindset. Look for books on Success, Greatness, Influence, Business, Money and Wealth. I’ll give a list in another post with the books I read that changed my life.


Change the way you speak

When you speak positive about yourself and your business, it can work wonders. Any situation you may be facing can be changed with your words. Instead of saying something negative, you can stop yourself, even if it is in mid-sentence. Change what you were going to say. So, instead of saying, “This can’t end well” , say, “This will end well, and I will not stop until I find a way.” If you want to make a certain amount of money this month, set your intention and speak it aloud. Be sure to back up your words with the right actions that would bring about the result.


Get a routine

Your mindset is not an easy thing to change. Especially if you were brought up in an environment that did not encourage growth. I suggest getting into a success routine. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. Procrastination is a major player in keeping your mindset from changing. Start with simple steps. You should make the time to journal, exercise, read, write your daily goals, network and rest. As you start to break the bad habits, you would see how much easier it will be for you to grow, and your business to grow.

Kelisha Mills


Kelisha Mills is a Boss Mom. She's a Business Coach to Moms, Author and Blogger. She had her share of successes and failures in business. She uses her experience to help moms grow Online Empires. She provides Mindset Training, Online Courses and Coaching Programs. Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Tobago, she is excited to share her story with the Boss Babe community. She shows that you can truly become successful no matter where you live around the world. Instagram @Kelisha_Mills

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