Change your Body Language, Change your life

The way you stand up and talk to others can cost your life a promotion at your work or a relationship you are longing for, all that you have to do is take care of your body language and image that conveys up to 70% of communicating with others.

There are 4 important elements that you need to enhance to make your body language complete:

  1. Posture
  2. Smile
  3. Eye contact
  4. Speak clearly and slowly

The Posture conveys a strong message about you and it includes 3 important gestures that you have to be aware of if you are seeking a strong personality;

  • Stand up straight with shoulders back

This posture is famous for radiating confidence with whoever you communicate with. It’s a bit challenging if you were used to slouching, so focus on keeping your shoulders slightly back while walking, standing or sitting down.

  • Get your hands out of pockets

People tend to hide their hands when they are insecure so by showing them to others you send a powerful message that you have nothing to fear or hide. Practice putting your hands on your hips to enhance your confident stand up.

  • Stand still and Don’t fidget

Fidget is a clear sign of being anxious and certainly not confident. keep your legs steady and under control avoid the leg-vibration people do when seating for a long time as this vibration absorbed your power and turn to negative sign.

 Smile 🙂

A smile is the best make up any girl can wear 


This simple yet effective gesture can melt people’s hearts. It’s contiguous and it will leave a good impact on the people around you.

Imagine the beautiful Flight Attendant welcomes you on board wearing her best smile makes you feel comfortable and ready for your flight.

Eye Contact 

It has a large influence on the social behavior as looking directly into the person you talk while nodding, showing your understanding. This simple gesture will appear your interest and respect and give the other person a positive feedback of what he is communicating with.

Speak slowly

Research has shown that speaking slowly will enhance your confidence level and makes you feel more confident as you give yourself a time to breathe and regain your power to speak and express your point.


Cabin Crew

Menna Tolba is an Artcraft Maker. She seeks inspiration in Art as a whole from writing, designing to painting beside her love for fashion and styling. She sees that a powerful single word can change someone's life by motivating them to do their best, uplifting their spirits, changing their looks and being comfortable with who they are. she has translated her writing pieces to an art piece that carry happiness and hopes to others through her business Nana Galleria <3 She believes in Rumi " What you seek is seeking you" Her Instagram stand_unique

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