Choose Love

Love is the foundation of our Soul.

Life is an ebb & a curve

An up and a down

A left and a right

But, where is the Middle?

Nothing is ever really Precise & Exact.
There are almost always nuances involved that sway back and forth-into the middle.
There’s a choice as to how we live in humanity.
We can get swallowed up by the extremes, or we can choose to live somewhere inside the ‘Middle Ground’ –

The Ground of Understanding, Empathy, Respect, Compassion & Kindness.
We are differentiated by many things.
Everyone has a unique strand of DNA that defines them.
But the common denominator that brings all of us back to the middle ground, is that we are all Human Beings.
Life is not meant to be lived in hate, if it were we would have been born this way.
We were born with a soul of Love, not hate.
Hate does not live in a newborn infant, hate is a learned behavior.
Hate produces negative energy, those who depict hate do not want to be treated with hate – and therein lies the irony.

Love lives in a newborn infant, because love is the true core of our souls humanity.
A newborn infant is the most absolute pure form of love on this earth.
We were all once a newborn infant filled with the purest form of love.
What changed that life essence of pure love? The answer is humans.
Humans can invite hate, but the true essence of that newborn love still resides inside all of us.
It’s never too late to return to that state of love.
It begins with self love.
This is not egotistical self love, but the self love of compassion & respect toward your own soul.
Loving & respecting oneself empowers you to be the best version of yourself, and creates a strong foundation for humanity.
Love is the most powerful energy on earth.
Love is not perfect, don’t expect it to be.
Love is Kindness,  Respect, Understanding Empathy and Compassion.
We all have the power to choose Love over hate.
Eventually hate will self destruct.
Love is the innate gift our soul receives when we are born into this world.
But choosing to continue to live a life of Love, and not hate, is when you truly become self empowered as a Human Being, Being Human.
In the beginning & in the end, Love is all there Is.
Choose Love!

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