Cleopatra’s secret that made her an admirable Queen


Nobody in our times hadn’t heard of her name, her legacy and how she became a great ruler, it’s Queen Cleopatra, the irresistible woman who was the last pharaoh in the Egyptian History.

Despite her defeat, she was an icon and she had been known for her witness and bravery that made her the legendary queen, The Queen of Nile.

We are going to reveal some of the secrets that made her the way she became:

  • Cleopatra was well-known for her intellectual not for her beauty as it was claimed. She had studied philosophy; math, public speaking, and astronomy besides there were findings that she wrote a book about pharmacology as you can see she was knowledgeable.
  • She wasn’t ethnically Egyptian, she has descended from Greek and Macedonian heritage but she was determined to learn the Egyptian Language to interact well with her people who look up to her in addition to her ability to speak up to 7 other languages so she didn’t need an interpreter to negotiate with her diplomats she had the upper hand.
  • She had a strong conviction to be the new Isis since she became in power, making her name just a brand for other women to mimic her style, makeup, and jewelry to be like her, she was an icon.
  • An independent woman who knew how to rule her kingdom by herself. She was smart in making her allies worked for her benefit.
  • She was an irresistible woman who knew how to make such an entrance that was the ultimate secret of her power as she can suede hearts and everything to her favor with a strong belief in herself, her ability, her power made her one of the most admirable rulers of all times.

However, of her failing kingdom, Cleopatra had left for women a great heir of secrets to be adopted. We are beautiful in all ways but we have to work more on ourselves more than our appearance. We are not just a pretty face but we are born to thrive and shine by being knowledgeable, confident, ambitious and a great leader who knows how to control her own ship to the direction she wished for regardless of any hardships with a strong belief in yourself and what you can do, you will leave your mark in the world and the world will be grateful for your contribution.



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