Connect with your Spirit Guides

Connecting with your Spirit Posse.

Don’t like the advice you get from your family (god bless them) here on earth?

Well, you know you have another family that is waiting to help you?

You may not be able to hear them the tradition way but you will most definitely be able to “feel” them.

Your spirit guides are here to hook you up with any information that is for your highest good.

The tricky part is getting out of our heads and into our hearts.

Information that you are receiving from your spirit posse, is the real deal!

Guides are spirits that may have never stepped foot on earth before, they may be family that may have chosen you to show their support and guide you from the other side.

And some may relate to what occupation you have, the list goes on and on.

Call on spirits for ANYTHING, they are waiting.

Best way to tap into the peeps from the other side is to centre yourself through breathing.

  • Start off breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Do this for around a minute.
  • Sit in the silence.
  • Feel and connect to your heart.
  • Ask for your guides one at a time to come in and feel what their energy is like.
  • Ask for them to come close, put their hands on your shoulders.

It is all about the energy.

Remember what that energy feels like and that is the symbol energetically for that guide.

TRUST that whatever you feel is exactly perfect and right. No over thinking.

You can use this method to invite different guides in, just feel the differences in energy.

Clair xx

Clair is a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Louise Hay Heal your Life Teacher. Clair uses all her "Clair's" to provide a spiritual reading that provides guidance and clarification from the most authentic space. Her Coaching Sessions and Workshops are empowering women to Love Yo'self! By working through our blocks and limiting beliefs and conditioning, that no longer serve us. With loving guidance Clair shares self love tools and introduces them so that people can start to live their truth and to come from love on a daily basis. And in turn creates a new style of thinking with endless possibilities.

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