Create a Year of Blog Content in Just One Day

Are you always worried about what to post on your blog?

Do you feel digitally exhausted trying to keep up with trends?

The most challenging thing as a writer, blogger, photographer and content creator is constantly coming up with creative ideas every day, month and year.

Does this sound like you?

You struggle with keeping on top of due dates.

You procrastinate to the very last hour and get everything written and published minutes before the deadline.

You see other creative bloggers with perfect posts, DIYs, YouTube tutorials and Instagram photos promoting their amazing content.

You’re already stressed thinking about what you’re going to post next and now, your self-confidence is quickly disappearing.

You need a plan. And here it is.

There’s a way to MASTER content creation to become a trendsetter, solve your social media stress and become a successful leader.

It’s time to stay ahead of the game.

Here’s how to create a year of blog content in just one day:

  1. Get a blank calendar for 2017. You can use some blank sheets of paper too. Break up the year by each month and label each paper with the name of the month. Ideally, you want to see the whole month on one sheet of paper to make it really easy to plan.
  2. Set a theme for each month. For example, January could be self-improvement, diet and fitness, self-reflection or goal setting. May could be summer-inspired recipes, outfits and activities. The theme should be related to the time of year, upcoming holiday or current season to be relevant to your audience.
  3. Start listing out any and all ideas according to your theme. Make sure to have your laptop in front of you for research. No idea is a bad idea at this point. This is a complete brain dump.


12 Types of Creative Blog Posts:

  1. Journal, Self-reflection, Sharing a Personal Experience – This builds a connection with your audience.
  2. Round-up, Lists of Top Whatever, Best of – People love sharing these types of posts on social media.
  3. Inspiration (Ex. Winter Travel, Fall Fashion, Apple Recipes etc.) – Effective for product promotion and generating money through clicks and affiliate links.
  4. Quizzes – Quizzes get your reader involved and are really effective to grow your blog traffic and clicks.
  5. DIYs, Recipes, Crafts – Don’t forget to create a Pinterest image because these types of posts are VERY pinnable.
  6. Photo Gallery – Showcase your camera roll from your latest vacation, trip to the farm, country drive or the last time you got snap happy.
  7. YouTube Videos – Videos are highly engaging and easy to share on all social platforms. Did you know YouTube is the largest search engine after Google?
  8. How Tos and Tutorials – Step-by-step instructions and knowledge sharing prove you’re an expert and leader in your industry.
  9. Checklists and Cheat Sheets – Use free downloads as an incentive to subscribe to your mailing list.
  10. Reviews of Products, Services or Brands – Another effective way to earn income through affiliate links.
  11. Interviews – Feature other bloggers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and creatives in a Q&A-style post. You can leverage their following and funnel them to your blog.
  12. Guest Posts – Reach out to your online community and cross-promote your fellow bloggers.

More Helpful Resources:

  • Download a 2017 social media dates calendar with all the National Days for extra inspiration. Ex. Taco Day, Boyfriend Day, Coffee Day
  • Use The Content Planner, the very 1st physical planner for blog and social media content. It includes 16 monthly spreads to help you plan everything at a glance.

Blog and Social Media Content Planner Marketing Organizer

Happy Planning #BossBabes!

Kat Gaskin

Entrepreneur, Creator & Beach Bum

Kat Gaskin is a traveling pineapple-obsessed entrepreneur and creator who lives for sun, salt and sand. She quit her 9-to-5 desk job to pursue her dreams of becoming her own boss. Now she makes a living from traveling to the most beautiful beaches in the world and taking photos. Follow her Salty Pineapple adventures on Instagram:

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