Criticism in both life & entrepreneurship is gold

I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that at one point or another we’ve all dreamt of doing something we consider extraordinary. We as people desire to be great in every sense of the word. We all crave the moment where we’ve created something that we can truly be proud of. It can be a business, a product, a craft, an idea, a person even; ultimately something special that you can put your heart into and run with.

But as life treks on, circumstances change and many of us allow the criticism of naysayers diminish those dreams that we set forth to achieve.

At one point in time you may have wanted to become a professional athlete, make a career change, maybe date a certain person. Perhaps you’ve wanted to start your own business, but the ill intended words or others have just clouded your execution.

See here’s the thing about criticism…..It is absolutely inevitable. Believe me when I say, that there’s no true way of avoiding it. It’s something I’ve come to grips with in my own life recently. People will talk for the rest of their lives about you, be it good, bad or indifferent. But what you must learn to do is welcome this type of attention and use it to your advantage.

Criticism is simply brought about by action. Once people see you pursuing something with passion, it becomes a topic.

But if you’re anything like I am, I’d much rather be judged for doing something great or that I’m passionate about than sit on the sideline spectating.

The greatest names in history are those who refused to let the judgements of others determine their destiny.

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Seriously, The Beatles were told that they had no future in show business because “guitar groups are on their away out.” Marilyn Monroe was told that she should find a secretarial job & get married instead of pursuing her dreams. The great Walt Disney was told that his now wildly adored Micky Mouse would be “too scary for women.” Can’t be too scary now can it? Mickey has become the face of one the world’s biggest entertainment enterprises.

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Steve Jobs, Denzel Washington, Jeff Bezos, Beyonce, Barack Obama; I could continue dropping names of moguls for hours. But, what these trailblazers all happened to have in common is their resilience. The fact that they all faced the adversity of critics yet somehow decided that their vision was worth more than the opinions of others. People threw judgements, opinions and disapproval at their souls but something allowed them to keep moving in order to blossom into something great.

Grant Cardone himself said that “Criticism is a sign of success.” In his book “The 10X Rule” (The difference between success & failure), he dedicates an entire chapter to criticism, explaining how it’s a natural result that’s brought about when one receives attention.

He goes on to say that one needs to begin looking at criticism as a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. It’s simply apart of the success cycle. Criticism proceeds admiration then success follows suit.

Don’t lay low in order to avoid attention. Us Boss Babes don’t let fear or criticism swallow our dreams. Let them talk, there’s a solid 99% chance they’re miserable with their own lives anyway.

Aristotle said that the only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, to say nothing.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of what’s normal and acceptable. Greatness is not found inside the realms of your comfort zone. You have to push long and push hard. Follow through despite the naysayers. People are going to talk until the day that he calls us home. They’ll call you a fool, tell you you’re wasting your time, say that you’re not cut out for that job! They’ll doubt you. However, it becomes your personal choice to use it as fuel or to take it in as truth.

In Closing

My friend, whatever it is that you have going on, keep at it. Fight for it, roll with those punches & come back for round two. Soon enough, those who judge you will be singing your praises after realizing that you’re truly dedicated to what it is that you love.



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