How To Deal When Others Don’t See Your Vision

There is no better feeling than the excitement that comes with an idea for a new project.  Your heart starts racing and you invest in new materials. Your vision of the end product becomes more clear. You get so excited about the new venture that you just have to tell someone!  You blurt out your idea and actually put it into words! But then… Oh no… Here comes the dreaded blank stare—Consider that parade rained out.  So how do you deal when others don’t see your vision quite the same way as you do?  Here are a few words of advice:

Don’t Get Upset

I think this is the common knee-jerk reaction.  Someone you care about has just instilled feelings of inferiority and doubt within you without even having to say a word.  Your excitement instantly fades, and you start to get red-faced, choked up—the worst combination of anger and embarrassment.  Why wouldn’t you be upset? Don’t they think you can do it?  Can’t they feel the euphoria you’re giving off?

Here is the time to remember that not everybody has the same perspective on accomplishing goals as you.  You’re a business-minded, goal-oriented, strong individual.  And as strong-minded people, we have to remember that others don’t necessarily have the same thought processes.  Many people go through the motions of their own days and don’t even think of doing anything out of their comfort zone— and that’s okay.  We can’t get angry at another person just because they don’t see the same potential in an opportunity.  If they are not looking for the type of opportunity you are, they may not see it on their own.

Don’t Give It Up

When someone you care about doesn’t support a decision you want to make, it can cause you to want to reconsider.  It was exhilarating! Now all of a sudden you have this cloud of doubt following you around dumping rain on you every chance it gets.  But you can’t give up on an opportunity you saw just because someone else told you to.  How many people do you talk to who say they regret not doing something or going somewhere when they had the chance? If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out— Worry about that if and when the times comes.  Don’t let this be your regret.

Use It As Fuel

Pride or protection of your reputation can make you want to prove a person wrong; To show them you can do it after they doubted you. Some of the best fuel to keep you moving forward is the desire to accomplish something nobody thought you could do.  However, you have to be careful not to let the urge to prove someone wrong replace the reason you had for accomplishing your goal in the first place.  Remember the feeling you had whenever you first had the idea. Remember the passion you had for this project before you even put it into words.  Between the two types of fuel, you have got a fire burning that nobody can put out.

Briana Johnson

Briana is a reader, writer, and lover of finding silver linings. She spends her time absorbing lessons from daily struggles and embarrassing moments and passing the value on to others through her blog, The Frizzy Hair Chronicles. She uses writing as a vehicle to connect with other women who are on the same path to make life pour out a little more smoothly. Outside of writing, she spends time drinking wine, eating delicious new foods, and running (not simultaneously, most of the time).

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