Disconnect From the World To Reconnect Yourself

Many of us have the kindness in our hearts to be there for everyone for just about anything. You are always keeping your social media up to date with your latest activity. However, we can all admit that we sometimes just don’t want to be around and available at times. We all have our energy drained from those we interact with. Perhaps you need a little peace and quiet for yourself. While it is good to be there for others, you are completely allowed to disconnect from everything else in the world to reconnect with yourself.

Disconnect From Social Media

While it’s nice to get messages and notifications from people you know and love, try turning off the notifications to not overwhelm yourself with the immaculate amount of attempts to grasp at your attention. Go into your phone’s settings and find the apps you wish to have silenced for the time being. Turn your notifications off. That way, your homes screen will not be cluttered with various alerts from your social media. You can always catch up on everything later that day or in the morning.

Light Some Candles

This will improve the ambiance of your setting. Let your favourite fragrance fill your nostrils and use those scents to soothe your head. The comforting smell of the candle(s) of your choice will create a more comfortable aura.

Take Deep Breaths

We often forget to tell ourselves to breathe. Perhaps there are a lot of things bringing you stress or any bit of worry. But we cannot forget to stop and breathe. If you find yourself exasperated, stop and close your eyes. Take ten slow and deep breaths.

Open a Book

There is nothing more relaxing than curling up and absorb yourself into the pages within your book of choice. You can travel into other worlds without paying a single penny. With a book at your side, you have instant comfort. You don’t need to speak with anyone. Lose yourself within the pages.

Watch a Show or Movie

Are books not fitting your fancy? Do you not have the time? That is completely okay, my friends. You can still enter other worlds from your television or laptop screen. Your entire attention will be focused on the events displayed on your screen and not whatever is going on among your peers.

Once you feel ready to return to your loved ones and have a calm and clear state of mind, return back to your normal duties and catch up with the people who had waited on you. Don’t forget that it is okay to want time to yourself.

Carry on, my wayward sisters.


Gabriella Batres

Blogger and Humanitarian.

Gabriella Batres hails from the magical kingdom of Orlando, FL with her family, her laptop, her books and her many posters of her favourite fictional characters. She enjoys reading comic books, watching her favourite films and television shows, dabbling into British culture, and has been writing for ten years. She is a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, a humanitarian, moscato connoisseur, and speaks fluently in sarcasm and British slang. In her senior year of college, she is majoring in communication studies.

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