6 Must Do’s For The Bad Days


I’ve reached that point in the semester where I am second guessing every class and every choice I’ve made up to this point. Along with second guessing, I am also exhausted. I am overworked and overstressed and tired, but I know that it’s all going to be worth it and it’ll all be over soon enough. In the meantime, here are 6 things that keep my head afloat during these hard times.

1. Staying positive (or trying to at least)

There are two things that I am constantly muttering under my breath when things get hard at work or I feel like I can’t keep going:

  1. Lord, give me the patience
    Patience, patience, patience. Sometimes I don’t know where my patience comes from when I’m stuck sitting in traffic for an hour because someone forgot how to drive or when I have to stare at someone when they do something wrong, even though I just explained to them how to to do it twice. I don’t know where I find the extra patience in between non-stop 6am-11 p.m. days, but I find it every time and that’s what counts.
  2. I’ve been better but I’ll be better.
    We’ve all been at what feels like rock bottom once or twice (or more) and that’s OK. I hit rock bottom over 8x a month and the only thing that gets me through those moments is reminding myself that even though I have been in a better spot in my life, I’ll also have a million opportunities to be a better place that I can’t even yet imagine. So yes, you’ve been better but you also have the chance to be and do much better but you have to get back up and try.

2. Schedule a break

I know it seems like there’s no time to take a break but you have to. Whether it be an entire day or just an hour, it’ll save your sanity and keep you productive. No one can be all work and no play and not start losing it a little, so take a break!

3. Survival playlists

I drive a lot and I walk even more most days, so music is my regular companion. I have playlists for every mood, every day, and every walk. Music will always be there and it’ll always get you through the rough times.

4. Run

Just run for your problems! Go! No, I’m kidding but working out at least once or twice a week is a saving grace for me. I couldn’t live without endorphin’s pumping me up and sweating out of some of my stress. Though running from my homework doesn’t sound terrible either.

5. Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with people that support you and care about your goals as much as you do; people who may not even know much about what you’re doing, but still support you 100%; people who know and understand when you can’t pick up your phone or go out, but are willing to get a cup of coffee when you have some time.

6. Keep going

Even when things are hard, you just gotta keep pushing on. You have to keep going because you are going to change the world or at least someone’s day just by showing up and being you- so keep going!

Amanda Estrada

Writing my way through the world and eating all the good food along the way. Traveling, art and mental health activism are my passions. Follow all my adventures on IG or SN: Mayyrain

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