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As women in the 21st century so much is expected from us. Women in the 1950s were excepted to take care of their husbands, cook, clean, get the kids ready and all around hold down the household. Women in 2017 are expected to do all of that and still be a BOSS. Men today still want a mother to their children who can cook a hot meal for them, but now we are expected to do it after a full day of listening to clients complain, working on a presentation that their boss wants done by Thursday at noon, and work on their MBA to advance even further. For me education and hard work are such a key part to what makes me tick. Like clockwork I get up, work on building my business, pick up my daughter from school and shift into mommy mode. I start cooking and cleaning, homework, showers, all until I sit down at the end of the day in front of a computer and work on homework. As strong as we want to be as women in 2017 I am tired. I am so tired that I can’t sleep, so I drink wine. A nice glass of wine helps me sleep. Wine is a gift from god for millennial women today. I have to do it all because I am a single mother, I push and push. Would I change any of it? Absolutely not. As #bossbabes this is what we’re meant to do!!! This is our calling, we are better than the rest, stronger than the rest and the level of fierce is 10 times the rest.

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