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What are your habits? What do you do from the moment you step out of bed? And I’m talking about your mental habits here. Maybe you think you got it all worked out and maybe you do. But did you ever consider adding one to your list? On an energetic level. But lets first check out the six habits of high performers. Check!

Brendon Burchard mentions these 6 high performance habits for long-term success and we will just look quickly at them (do check his book though) before I’m gonna tell you my personal favorite habit that changed and is still changing my life so much!

  • Clarity: this is about getting clear who you want to be and what you want to experience. How, what with whom etc.
  • Generating energy: greater level of mental focus, positive range of emotions and greater physical vitality and health
  • Raise performance necessity: Before every major activity, high performers raise the psychological necessity regarding why it is important for them to perform well. They attach their identity to their performance.
  • Increase productivity: they identify their primary field of interest and they focus on that for 60 percent of their week.
  • Develop influence: High performers challenge the people they care about to grow. That’s what makes the most difference where influence is concerned.
    demonstrate courage: speak your truth. share what you think feel, desire. need.


They were consciously implementing these in their lives to have better results. As it comes to habits we can take it a step further. What about a habit that conditions you to a certain feeling that lifts your energy during the day? And to be more specific … lift the energy in a certain area. I can think of many such habits. But I’m talking about gratitude here.

We mostly are grateful when it happens to pop up in a moment and because we are very busy we don’t take full advantage of the energy of gratitude. A habit for accelerated success. Gratitude speeds up whatever you focus on. It’s the great magnifier.

A thank you
does not happen in a quick second
it is deeply heartfelt
and to feel
you have to go slow

take your time to be grateful


So we need to remind our brain to be grateful and then condition it so the first thing it wakes up to is gratitude. To do this in a specific area like your business you can carry an object with you. Holding something in your hand, a beautiful crystal for example, while expressing gratitude will help you to feel more and to really take the time for it. A bigger crystal does not make you feel more gratitude

It becomes an action instead of a quick thought. Lay this symbol or even better several of these objects in places where you do your business. You want to remind your subconscious of your successes and your gratitude for that ALL the TIME. Then .. be deliberate about this habit. Calculate three moments in the day to take your objects and express three reasons concerning your business to be grateful for. Write them down for the same reason. It helps you feel deeper and more. You are absolutely gonna love it too! It’s a great way to pop out of your busy routine and the feeling of gratitude is sheer ecstasy!

Just close your eyes and feel it... and know that more to be grateful for is coming. So much for my favorite habit. Everything that we manifest in our world was shaped on an energetic level first. If we leave one component out. Either the physical action or the energetic preparation then we’re not taking optimal advantage of our ability to create.

Every time you book a success or receive something you want sincerely ask the Universe: “Can it get any better”. Don’t be sarcastic or ironical about it it’s a serious request for the Universe to show you what it’s capable of. And it will show you. Believe in miracles.

Enjoy the ecstasy!


Make the Universe dance

Be grateful in advance


With all my love,


Tineke Janssen

For as long as I can remember I love to inspire and motivate people. As I got into the Law of Attraction my passion even fired up haha. It's such a wonderful life tool. I like to write about how to use this concept in your business. Be consistent and see yourself & your business grow. No really. If you only knew what the right focus can do for you! Try it out for yourself. I'm a law of attraction coach dying to share "the Secret(s)" with you! With all my love, Tineke Janssen

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