Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – It’s SO Not Worth It

don't sweat the small stuff

If you want to stay sane as a millennial woman, don’t sweat the small stuff. Before I get to the end of my tether I like to stop and ask myself ‘will this matter 5 years from now?’ If it will – it’s worth getting worked up about, I guess, but if not, I let it go – just like that. It’s funny, ‘cause we can really lose perspective from time to time. We can fail to see the bigger picture that much that even someone dropping the ‘kind’ from their usual ‘kind regards’ at the end of their email can get our backs up, but at the end of the day even if someone really is pissed with you it’s not the worst thing in the world. They’ll get over it, and so will you.

Do you want me to let you in on a little secret? I’ve made more than my fair share of messes in the workplace. I’ve slept in and rocked up late, sent emails I most definitely shouldn’t have sent to people I most definitely shouldn’t have sent them to, missed more meetings than I care to admit, had my fair share of ‘foot-in-mouth’ moments, been written up for breaking dress code and even went on long-term leave after having a nervous breakdown (which you can read about on my personal blog here), but you know what? None of that matters because I’m doing okay. In fact, I’m doing more than okay, because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life it’s that everything is temporary. If you hate your job or hate your boss, eventually, you’ll get a new job or a new boss – things won’t stay the same way forever. Those things that seem like the end of the world never are, because life really does go on. Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper , or so they say, so don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s *so* not worth it.

Vanessa McIntosh

Writer by day, blogger by night

Vanessa is a 20-something lipsticked linguist from the North East of England working on her AHRC-funded PhD at Newcastle University. She also teaches undergraduate English Language and Linguistics, and when she’s not on campus you’ll find her on her sofa with a cup of tea eyeing up the latest Morphe palette and working on her blog Before she began doctoral study Vanessa worked as a retail makeup artist and even still she loves nothing more than making women feel good about themselves - on the inside as well as the outside. As an advocate for mental health Vanessa is working on her first monograph, a self-help guide to kicking anxiety and depression to the curb. You can expect content on from Vanessa every Wednesday at 9am PST but feel free to subscribe to or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @landlblog_ for your daily dose of her rambling on… and on and on.

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