5 Websites to Download Free Stock Photos for Your Business

You probably struggle to find free, high-quality photos you can use for Instagram, right?

And you want your content to be unique and original, but don’t have the resources or time to take your own photos, so what can you do?

Download Free Stock Photos

Before I was able to shoot my own photos, I downloaded free stock photos from the Internet to use for my business.

I edited them in my own style and shared them on my Instagram.

Although they weren’t my own photos, it was with these initial posts that I started gaining followers and getting noticed by brands that I wanted to work with.

You should avoid reposting photos on Instagram because:

  • The photo is blurry. Blurry photos receive less engagement.
  • It’s a lazy way to create content that weakens your brand.
  • Adding filters to a low-resolution (small) photo only makes it look worse.
  • You risk other accounts also sharing that reposted photo ← and not being original or standing out
  • It’s not polite to essentially steal someone else’s photo, put your quote on it and not give the original source credit! Always tag if you do this please.

Download Free Stock Photos

Here are 5 websites to download free stock photos for your business:

  1. www.freeimages.comTons of free stock photos. Great for your website if you’re looking for photos of specific objects. Great for website headers and blog content.
  2. unsplash.comBudding and professional photographers submit their photos to be used for anything and everything. The selection is highly-curated and has a smaller database of photos. Perfect for Instagram photos.
  3. 500px.com/creativecommonsAll photos are under a Creative Commons license which means creatives release their photos for free and choose how and if they’d like to be credited. You can use them for non-commercial purposes meaning you can’t make money off of using their photos.
  4. join.deathtothestockphoto.comSign up to receive high-res photos to download every month straight to your inbox. These photos have a more lifestyle look and are great for social accounts and blog post headers.
  5. foter.comSearch 335 million free stock photos under the Creative Commons license. The big plus about Foter is their WordPress plugin. You can instantly integrate their stock photo database into your website.
Kat Gaskin

Entrepreneur, Creator & Beach Bum

Kat Gaskin is a traveling pineapple-obsessed entrepreneur and creator who lives for sun, salt and sand. She quit her 9-to-5 desk job to pursue her dreams of becoming her own boss. Now she makes a living from traveling to the most beautiful beaches in the world and taking photos. Follow her Salty Pineapple adventures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katgaskin/

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