5 Entrepreneurial Health Hacks To Boost Your Energy

Have you ever had that feeling when you just want to close your eyes? Just lay down and close your eyes… for just… one… second. These entrepreneurial health hacks are about to become your secret weapon to keeping your energy up and getting stuff done!

entrepreneurial health hacks
entrepreneurial health hacks

Tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout are words that are all too common when you’re killing it in your business.


But why does it have to be one or the other?


Surely you should be able to feel good whilst doing what you love?


I definitely believe in feeling good – though it’s not always that simple… and that’s where my entrepreneurial health hacks come in!


With the demands of running a global business that supports thousands of people comes the responsibility to do more can start to become heavy.


Remember you always have a responsibility to yourself to look after yourself – and without you your business is nothing.


Here’s my 5 favorite entrepreneurial health hacks to keep you performing at your best:


1. Meditate.

My energy is usually bigger in the mornings and I get that afternoon slump that makes me think whhhhhhyyy am I doing this I’m exhausted! But just 15-40 minutes of meditation brings me right back around again. I even like to do this over taking a nap – I find it recharges me without feeling sluggish when I get back in to my work again.

2. Do your most important stuff when you feel most energized.

For me this is the morning. Now for most people 8am skype calls sounds like a living hell. But when you’ve already been to the gym, done your morning ritual, food shopped, had a coffee and showered you’re absolutely ready for action and I much prefer to get all of my client and partner facing work done early in the day so I can relax with my laptop and my creative work later on.

3. Supplement.

This depends on what you need but my go to regime is aloe Vera, green vibrance, vitamin b, zinc, and a pre-workout amino acid drink before I work out. Supplementing is definitely an entrepreneurial health hack that keeps me performing at my best. My friends dad said to her that, “you can’t get stuff done if your tank is running on empty”, which means proper nutrition, and supplementation are key. When you’re busy it’s really easy to skip meals and forget to eat (and I’m still guilty of this now and again) but you must make sure you put fuel in that tank if you want to keep your energy up!

4. Spend time with people who give you energy

…and choose to spend less time with those that drain you – and this goes for coffee meetings, meetups, phone calls, and people that ask you for advice. If you’re spending your time and energy on other peoples priorities and those priorities are draining you, then let them go! This step is probably the most difficult to create a breakthrough with because it requires you to be really mindful of where you are spending and investing your energy. Sometimes the harsh reality is that your friendships aren’t serving the highest version of you, and you might find you have a few choices to make in order to keep moving forwards towards your dreams.

5. Learn to breathe better!

Since practicing kundalini yoga I have learned lots of different techniques to be able to raise my energy in a moment, and “breath of fire” is one of my favourites. It’s a little crazy when you first try it, but you experience results almost instantly and so it’s completely worth it! You can look up a breath of fire tutorial on you tube really easily. To practice you begin a short sharp rapid breath in and out of your nose, contracting your stomach muscles as you breathe out and relaxing as you breathe in. Do breath of fire for just 1-3 minutes and feel the positive difference.


Try these entrepreneurial health hacks and see how much more you get done in your day!


I always love giving you happiness and success hacks like these and my new book Now Is Your Chance is jam packed with them! You can pre-order your copy by clicking here. 


With Gratitude,



Boss Babe Happiness Coach & Mindset Boss

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