Entrepreneurship: Don’t Forget Your Passion Doll!

Entrepreneurship is downright nuts and I’m just getting in the game! There are a lot of uncertainties, it can take a while before you see any real money, there are so many moving pieces to it and always so much to think about! I mean for real, it never really ends, however, what keeps me in are a few things. For one, I like the control factor, it’s almost like a game of chess, I LOVE planning my own strategy. Two is my reason why, I want to help women starting over in life. My lifestyle brand is important to me because I know I can help women begin to rebuild amazing lives on their own terms. Here’s the thing though, when you are around other entrepreneurs, who have been doing it longer or on a different level, it’s easy to get caught up and feel like you aren’t going anywhere. Or it’s easy to focus on only making money and bringing in more money. Usually, at this point, you forget why you even started in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, making money is fine and necessary, sheesh I love money as much as the next, however, I don’t have time to forget why I started my company in the first place. So, what is one to do when they find themselves in this position?


  1. Remind yourself why you began your business? Is it your passion, and I certainly hope your answer to that question is yes because if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing when things get hard you will quit. If you aren’t doing something you aren’t passionate about, don’t even keep reading, go back and reassess. Don’t ever forget your passion because that is what will cause you to take a deep breath and get back onto the field every time.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others! Everyone is on their own unique path. It may seem similar, but still unique nonetheless. If you start comparing yourself to others, you are going to start making decisions that don’t fit you. You are going to change into someone else, and honey NOBODY likes a fake person and everyone can tell if someone isn’t being real. It’s not cute! Embrace your own imperfections, your own path, your own voice and build from that.



  1. For the love of GOD stop chasing likes on social media and simply create! I find that people that actually hit the like or heart, barely even look at my content, but the people who never hit a like or heart have been the ones that have asked me to speak at events and know my content through and through. One of my favorite companies called mess in a bottle has a slogan that says, “keep creating dope ass shit until someone notices”. Again, remember your passion!


Sis, what I’m saying is, even in entrepreneurship and marketing to an audience, don’t lose yourself or your voice in the process! Your uniqueness is what will draw your audience to you and if they aren’t drawn to you, then they aren’t for you. Keep it moving, keep it consistent and don’t give up!

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