You COULD Dance Like EVERYONE is Watching

dance like everyone is watching
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Why Not Dance Like EVERYONE is Watching?

In Life AND In Business…

My baby brother got married a week ago. A week before that, my husband’s cousin and his new wife (who double as two of our closest friends) had their wedding. Two seriously joy-filled occasions.

As little as a year ago, I would have used these two special days as an excuse to internally beat myself up for having more jiggle than I thought I was supposed to have.

I would have worried a great deal about how to look cool.

In days gone by, I would have danced like no one was watching. Or, more accurately, I would have danced like everyone was watching and like all those who saw me, judged me.

This time around, however, I put on bad-ass dresses (with POCKETS) and shook what my mama gave me. This photo (though a bit grainy) proves that I was indeed shaking my money-maker, with my amazing nine-year-old daughter, all night long. Or, rather, until 10:30pm when we felt tired and headed home.

I don’t want to make you too jealous right now, but there was a cowbell. Actually, a literal cowbell and then air-band-style cowbell. Nothing cool about cowbell, other than everything.

So, what’s changed?

  • Maybe it comes from turning 35
  • Or the fact that I’ve done a TON of internal work, taken massive action, created some success my own way.
  • Maybe it’s because I have a husband who thinks I’m cool, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

Regardless of the reason, dancing like the decidedly 30something mother of two that I am is my new FAVOURITE thing.

Why? Because:

“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do” – Amy Poehler

And what does being willing to look ridiculous have to do with business?

Dear, dear business babe.

Do you know how many INCREDIBLE women I speak to over the course of a day who hold themselves and their messages hostage because they’re afraid of judgement?


They’re SO terrified that everyone is watching them and that they won’t be taken seriously or thought of as authorities in their field or that someone will find out that they’re actually not as together as they feel like they need to be in order to create profitable businesses.

This fear is not without justification. There’s still massive wage inequality, the world over.

Which is why it feels particularly revolutionary to me, to win that war…by dancing like everyone is watching. And…rooting for me (or, at the very least, I assume they find entertainment value in my moves)

I have decided to dance as though my only goal is to have the BEST time I possibly can.

When we got home for our wedding-around-the-world road trip, I wondered: what if I applied this mentality to my business?

What if sharing all of my weirdness (while potentially opening me to criticism) made it easier for my soulmate clients to find me?

What if those women whom I know in my heart I am here to serve deeply and powerfully are indeed the ONLY audience that matters?

And what if they want to do the running man with me?

With this decision living happily in my heart, and sore feet from dancing up a storm, I posted to my social media. One post. A call from my heart to the soul of the silly, hilarious, sweet-yet-salty women that I’m obsessed with working with. And from that one post, I signed my biggest client ever.

Here’s the thing, babe.

You came here to dance your literal and metaphorical ass off; to light this world UP. You came here to work; to grow and change and become more of yourself with each passing song.

And to serve. Powerfully. At whatever it is that you do.

You know this in your bones.

So, why not kick off your shoes and have the best time at all of it?

Your soul clients will thank you.

For that matter, your soul will thank you.

If you need me, I’ll be on the dance floor, looking uncool and not caring who sees it.

Feel free to grab a cowbell and get jiggy with me.



Erin McDonald

International Transformational Coach + Head Babe in Charge at ClumsyGrace

Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own, and that of her incredible clients. Also, tacos. When she's not coaching the funniest, most creative, purpose-filled, biggest-hearted-bad-asses on Planet Earth, she enjoys parenting her two hilarious kids and wife-ing it up with her rad husband. She considers herself a kitchen dance party enthusiast and is a self-proclaimed Whack-a-Mole Champion. She believes that most success comes from mindset, that coaching creates miracles, that relief is an underrated emotion, and that Harry Potter’s birthday should be a national holiday

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