No Longer Crippled By Fear

Let’s call it out, FEAR SUCKS! The thing that constantly cripples us from following our dreams. The thing that stops us in our tracks right when we finally muster up the strength and courage to pursue our passions and give our very best. The very thing that hinders us from truly loving ourselves, trusting ourselves, and building ourselves up. Why is fear so powerful? Why does it control our lives? Why does it completely redirect us from our paths? Let’s discuss a few reasons why this happens and how to give fear the BOOT once and for all.

Fear sets in like the flu during flu season. Meaning, when it sets in, it shakes our entire core. It tears your mind, body, and spirit down. It completely takes over and shuts us down. You can’t move, you can’t think straight, you might even ponder how life could go on this way (insert sarcasm).

We all have a purpose in life. Our talents are unique to us. Whether your purpose is to become an entrepreneur, the best stay at home mom, or work your way up the corporate ladder, we must never allow fear to distract us from what we are called to do.

In 2014, I gave fear the boot by stepping out on faith and switching my career path totally. Two degrees later, I realized that what I once loved was no longer desired. I allowed fear to cripple me and stay in a career that I spent so many years and money on obtaining. I allowed my fear of disappointing others to hold me back. I was embarrassed to tell my loved ones that I no longer wanted to do what I had worked so hard to carry out. I was totally unfulfilled. I was burned out, busted and disgusted, and broke as a joke. Switching career paths allowed me to learn more, learn myself, and reinvent who I thought I was. My transition wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Three years later and I have NO regrets. None. My family and friends were so supportive and still are. Although I am still learning and growing, if I had not kicked fear in the rear end, I would still be feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

What I learned along the way:

  1. I had to believe in myself.
  2. I had to focus.
  3. I had to center myself spiritually.
  4. I had to stop worrying about what others would think and fulfill the desires of MY heart.
  5. I had to name my fears and reject them.
  6. I had to stop comparing myself to others.
  7. I had to cut all distractions.
  8. I had to stop speaking negatively. Words are powerful!
  9. I had to stop making excuses. JUST DO IT!
  10. I had to take a chance and be FEARLESS!


Instead of allowing fear to cripple you, decide to take the first step. Commit to yourself and stay the course. Give fear the boot! You go, girl! You got this!

Tia W.

Tia is a coffee-loving, sweet tea drinking, dog lover who enjoys encouraging others beyond their fears and an advocate for self-love. Her wish is to reach the minds of those who are seeking their purpose, personal growth, and better ways to improve their lives by first loving themselves. Tia started Be Your Cup of Tea in January 2017 in hopes of inspiring others to live loved and purpose-filled.   Tia worked as a Professional Counselor and Social Worker up until 2014. After several years of layoffs, company downsizes, burnout, and obtaining two degrees, she decided to step out on faith and switch careers. She now works as a Technical Project Manager for a software company in Atlanta, GA. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, eating good food, shopping, listening to house music, and laughing until it hurts. You can usually find her spending time with her dog, shopping in Target, sitting on a Starbucks patio, or eating Tacos with friends. Follow Tia on Instagram @beyourcupoftea 

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