Feeling Stuck In Your Own Shoes? Time To Change Things Up!

It happens to all of us. Let’s face it, we lead very busy lives balancing family, work and taking care of the home. It is a balancing act that requires wearing a lot of hats!

I recently was feeling stuck in my own shoes. I am an open minded go getter living a very busy life. I would not change a thing though. It is my life and I love it. But it’s true, I was feeling stuck. I felt like I was giving my all in everything I do but felt it just was not good enough. I knew this was a feeling I had to change. The change was up to me. I kicked my own ass and changed it!

I recently attended a convention in Las Vegas with amazing people sharing their testimonials. It was such an eye opener for me. Sometimes we need to re-charge. That convention was exactly what I needed. Look at the smile on my face at that convention!!

I came home a brand new woman with my head held high (can’t let my crown slip!) I invested in myself. I even ordered a book written by one of the speakers that really inspired me because I want to know more, I want to do what she does. You see, you follow that person you look up too, you then do what they do and you become a leader.

Since I have arrived back home from Vegas I have had a new outlook on things and passions in my life. I am not feeling stuck anymore!! I made the change and I am feeling absolutely amazing! I am unstoppable! No, it is not necessary to attend a convention to change that feeling of being stuck. There are many other things you can do as well…

1. Set new goals/deadlines

2. Have a major clean-out

3. Journal

4. Disconnect

5. Be mindful

If you are feeling stuck in life, do something about it. Take care of you. You are always a work in progress. Take up personal development. I did, it will be a part of my life forever.

Please reach out to me if you would like to chat or even recommendations for personal development. I am happy to help! We rise by lifting others. Get un-stuck!


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