The Final Stretch: Finishing Your Year Strongly

final stretch

November has arrived and all I can think is, “How is 2017 almost over?” This year has been filled with so many ups and downs- not only in my personal life, but in general too. This final stretch of 2017 could be rough if we allow it to be, which is why we have to take control to end our year strongly. I’m a firm believer in that if one ends the year on the wrong foot, you can’t start your new year on the right one. End positively to start positively, it’s that simple!

No, I’m not trying to fast-forward to 2018.

That’s definitely not the case. This is about having a strong last two months and focusing on things to better ourselves and those around us. The holidays are soon arriving, and this should be bringing a sense of joy to each of us. I’m currently #broke and I still can’t wait to start shopping for all my friends and family. I may have also already started blasting Christmas songs in my car. This positive attitude is what keeps me going, even when it seems like the world is giving you every reason to quit.

We can finish this final stretch so perfectly (well, as perfect as life can be) by pinpointing what’s truly important. Deadlines, vacations, and relationships can play a huge role in our day-to-day life, so organize and prioritize (does that rhyme? cool).

Have fun in this final stretch.

Real fun. Not fun you post on your Instagram story to show others. Fun you have for you. And be yourself! Do you love pumpkin spice lattes even after knowing all the sh*t that’s in them? Fine, have one. Key word: one. Go to a pumpkin patch and have a photoshoot with your best friend. You deserve it! Go out with your coworkers and make some new friends. There’s only two months left of this year, and we might as well make the best out of them!

I’m finishing the year strongly by being a good friend, trying to get straight A’s, and spending money I don’t quite have. Who cares, though, ’cause I’m gonna look so cute and trendy in my new wardrobe. Come to think of it, I may have a shopping problem… we can address that later. Sorry, not sorry.

final stretch

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2017 is almost over, and I haven’t eaten enough pumpkin. It’s an issue, and I need to handle that before the year ends. I also have to start thinking of what I’m gonna get people for Christmas. Although they sound minuscule, little things like that make me happy and are what make these last two months so awesome! Finish your year how you want to finish it. Use some of your vacation days and travel somewhere new. Get the gym membership you’ve been postposing until the new year. Finish your projects before their deadlines. Like I mentioned before, if you finish strong, you can start strong!

Happy Holidays!

Nicki G


Like a good wine, things get better with time. Nicki has been blogging for about three years and decided it was time to venture on to something new- and then she stumbled upon Boss Babe! She's a 21 year old nursing student from Miami, Florida and loves sharing her knowledge (or lack thereof) on all things food, lifestyle, and current #trends. Follow her, her journey, and everything in between while she wings it and figures “life” out. Her posts help her get through the weeks, and she hopes they help you too. Follow her blog Just Nicki Things and her Instagram @nickiguerra for a closer look into her life!

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