The Four Agreements Can Make You A Better Boss

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is recommended reading for anyone on a self-discovery journey. It’s a quick read with many gems. You will find information that improves your life, but these agreements can also be applied to your business. Check out the breakdown of each agreement below and learn how they can make you a better boss.

The Four Agreements

#1 : Be Impeccable with Your Word

The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. Your reputation, in life and business, depends a lot on others’ experiences with you. Sometimes we want to promise the world to our clients to appease them, but it’s much better to be honest about what we can provide and then doing our best to deliver. Delivering on our promises is key to running our businesses with integrity.

Building trust with your customers is imperative. The better you are at keeping your word, the more people will trust you. Word of mouth will always be one of the main forms of marketing. Being impeccable with your word can help ensure that what your customers have to say about you is always positive.

Being impeccable with your word also means to keep your words positive. There’s power in the words we speak. Work on speaking positivity about yourself and others.

#2 : Don’t Take Anything Personally

The second of the four agreements is to not take anything personally. Many of us rely on reviews and referrals as a means of gaining business, for example. The happier our customers are the better their reviews of our services will be. We have to remember that experiences are based on perception. Just because you’ve done all you can doesn’t mean that others will be satisfied. As long as you have done your part you can rest easy. Sometimes it’s difficult but you have to remember not to take things personally. If you have followed the first agreement, and done what you’ve said you would, you have done the best you can.

It’s also important to not take the positive personally either.  Maybe you only have positive experiences to speak of. That’s a blessing, but again people’s experiences are based on their perception. There is always room for improvement and you don’t want to get too caught up on praise to make changes that can help you grow.

#3 : Don’t Make Assumptions

The third of the four agreements is don’t make assumptions. Let’s face it, making assumptions is a sure fire way to cause conflict.

Honest communication is one of the ways to keep yourself from making assumptions. The rule of thumb here is if you don’t know, ask. When we have clarity the decisions we make are much better informed. You can’t eliminate all possible negative outcomes. But you can avoid a good amount by just asking the right questions. Ask as many as you need to be informed.
On the other hand, you should work on how you communicate your ideas to create transparency from your end as well. Open lines of communication where each party is clear and comfortable asking questions are the best way to eliminate the need for making assumptions.

#4 : Always Do Your Best

The Four AgreementsThe fourth agreement is always do your best. This one is pretty straight forward. Doing your best should be the ultimate goal in everything you do. If you put 100% effort into your projects you can be proud no matter the outcome. Some days your best will feel like less than other days. That’s OK. You’re doing it right as long as it is 100% of what you can give. When giving it your all becomes your normal, you will almost always see a shift in your success. You will most definitely see a shift in how you feel about your work which is equally crucial.

The more you practice these agreements the easier it becomes. The book was written with life improvement in mind, but it applies across the board. If you live your life and run your business with these agreements in mind you’re sure to reach eventual Boss Babe status.

Tiffanie Bernard

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