Four Reasons Every Online Biz Owner Needs a Virtual Assistant

When you first start your business, everything’s going great with you at the helm and you can’t even imagine hiring a virtual assistant.  This is probably true whether you’re selling physical products or growing your blogging empire. If you’re building your biz the right way, though, you’re all going to hit the same ceiling: there are only 24 hours in a day and you have to spend some of them eating, sleeping, and having a life.

Get Back in Control with a Virtual Assistant

hiring a virtual assistantIf you’ve already started to feel like deadlines are being missed or that you’re not scaling things to grow, take a deep breath. I’ve got you.

In fact, I know the #1 way to scale your business because I’ve been using it to leverage a six-figure freelancing business while growing other side hustles. The answer, my fellow boss babes, is called a virtual assistant.

I hired my first VA in 2014 and have never looked back. Today, I still rely on VAs to run my own online teams, but I’ve also been tapped by the most popular freelance marketplace in the world to build out those teams for companies like Microsoft, too.

Having been a VA and having hired dozens of them, you’ve got to consider one. Seriously. It’s an investment, not an expense. Virtual assistants make life possible for the online entrepreneur today.

If you’re curious about what a VA does, the honest answer is whatever you need them to do! Some of the most popular things for VAs to do, though, are:

  • Email newsletter management (sending the newsletter, proofing it, giving you stats about open rates)
  • Scheduling your social media (Creating cover images, responding to people who have Tweeted you, booking things in advance using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.)
  • Blog management (Making sure you’ve SEO’ed all your posts, loading your blogs into WordPress or Squarespace, formatting materials, etc)

There are four reasons (and honestly, so many more!) why you’ve got to get a VA in your biz, like, stat.

You Literally Cannot Do This All Yourself

It’s tempting to imagine that you can be a solopreneur as your biz climbs into the six or seven figures.

Without losing your sanity, you can’t. If you want the fast pass to Burnout Boulevard, it’s critical to have support systems in place. Hiring a virtual assistant is a big one.

If you’re already feeling like you’re falling behind or you can’t get it all done, that’s okay, because you can’t (without pulling all your hair out, anyways.)

Remember, we all have the same 24 hours, but think about your VAs as an extension of you- the only way to get 30 or more hours in a day is when you’re using a VA properly.

Get Back Your Time

get back time with a virtual assistantWe all have limited time. What if someone swooped into your business today and offered to take two hours off your plate this week? Then five? Then ten? Imagine how many naps projects you could tackle if you had ten hours or more back per week!

If you consider that at your best, you’re making $30 or more per hour working for yourself, that means you’re probably doing some $15/hour and $20/hour tasks, too.

Like scheduling social media.

Or trying to get your calendar organized.

Or figuring out Yoast SEO on your blog.

By giving those jobs to a stellar virtual assistant, you now get to have more $30, $50, or even $100 hours of your own doing what you do best.

Regain Energy

Time management is important- no doubt. What’s equally important, however, is managing your energy.

If you really hate updating your website and it takes both your time and energy away from being in your zone of genius, outsource that.

Don’t even feel guilty about it for one second. Then, when someone else fixes that issue or handles that task in half the time with the same or better quality, pat yourself on the back for your genius decision, girlfriend!

Expand Your Biz Lightning-Fast

You can stay stuck in the mode you’re at now, grinding day in and day out. But sooner or later, you will hit a ceiling.

Where you can’t work any more hours in a day.

Where you can’t generate any more money within a day.

When it’s time to take it to the next level, scaling your business is an obvious first choice.

In order to succeed, you have to have people supporting you. Whether it’s one VA or an entire team, who you choose counts. Don’t stand around on the sidelines; think about what you can take off your plate now (Hint: You can snag a list of 70+ tasks you can outsource! Visit this link if you need a place to get those brain juices flowing.)

If you’re thinking it’s going to take time and money to bring someone up to speed, you’re right. This doesn’t mean you’re handing over the controls to your entire business right away.

But it does mean that you can start small with a couple of tasks per week. Then you can increase the workload as you develop trust with your new VA.  You’re going to make mistakes.

That’s okay, as long as you’re moving forward. A VA is the best way to help you get there.

Laura Pennington

Laura Pennington burned out teaching 7th grade in Baltimore City and realized that traditional education was not for her in the midst of pursuing her PhD in public policy. She launched a freelance writing and virtual assistant career that allows her to work from home on her own time, teaching others how to build at-home businesses and providing content and strategy for major companies like Microsoft. She is a soon-to-be military spouse who has moved four times in seven years with her Navy man. She is a former competitive tap dancer and enjoys spending time with her cats and reading books like a good nerd should.

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