Why French Girls Will Make You Think About The Way You Do Business

5 Flirty Tips That Will Make You Think About The Way You Do Business

chocolate and croissant

French women are gaining increasingly, prominent positions in business, while still enjoying the finer things in life.

Besides, indulging in chocolate and croissants…

1. They Speak Their Mind

Find a French girl, and you’ll find those bold red lips. Red lips are a reminder to be powerful with your words.

Debate in France is often seen as highly confrontational by other countries, but the French find it fun and entertaining to have these lively and energetic interruptions occur.

Emotions can run high, but draws on the distinction of being more of an intellectual goal – a goal which will help to move the process forward.

Their theatrical style can be advantageous to reaching the end results, and translates to being passionate about their convictions.

Try starting a friendly debate on your favorite social media page.

2. They Do What Feels Good

Building on similarities is not seen as a positive – it’s better to be who you are.

The French girl never worries about what she looks like or what others are thinking about her. She plays to her strengths. She walks with her head high and doesn’t care much about her hair being perfect. Even being seen with frizzy bed head. But would never compromise her femininity, give up her personal style or forgo those classic heels, even when walking all over the city or standing for hours in a business presentation.

Think about what makes you unique, and – Own It!

3. They Stay In The Moment

You can bet that when she’s sipping a light rosé or rich cabernet, she is completely attentive to that glass. Much like, when she is working on her business, she is focused on one project at a time.

It’s best to focus on one task at a time until it get’s done.

Basically, when you multi-task – you get less done.

Give 100% of your attention to one task, and it will get ALL of your attention. so you can get complete in a timely manner.

In other words, stay in the moment, enjoy that glass of wine, write that blog, sit in a café, clean the house, make an opt-in, connect with friends, create your course, until you have achieved the finished product or goal.

And, if you need a little help staying on point, try the 30/30 app, Flat Tomato, or even a good old fashioned timer to keep those time-management skills dans la pointe.

4. They Have a Love of Language

According to the Global Business Culture, “There is a great love of and respect for elegance in the use of language and the sophisticated presentation of ideas are raised to an art form.”

Language is a great tool to help you tell a story.

And, your story is how you relate to your ideal client. It enables someone to feel or identify with something from their own life. It builds rapport and creates credibility.

Think about one story in your life that will make you more relatable or help others to empathize with you.

5. They Linger Over Lunch

The two hour lunch break is an impenetrable thing in France. As opposed to many other places, where you might spot someone stooped over a computer during their lunch hour; typing with one hand and eating with the other.

The French girl doesn’t consider lunch, a time to refuel. Rather, it’s a way of sharing food and establishing a connection with other people, and in business, it’s all about creating relationships.

It’s a moment where our identity is formed by what we eat, how we eat and who we eat with,” – Thibaut de Saint Pol, sociologist at the Ecole Normale Supéreure de Cachan.

Honorable Mention: They Always Take The Weekend Off

One French girl asked me, “Do you want to work three or four days a week?” Because the weekends are for pleasure, good wine, and relaxing with family and friends.

If you are planning to savor your weekend, then you will want to try day blocking so you can be more productive during your work week. Look for where you need to cut distractions and put a structure in place. Pay attention to times and days that work best for you, like when you are feeling creative or more productive.

Pick one day a week to power through your work, schedule a morning or two for discovery calls, and add another, dedicated solely to writing. If you have well defined work days, I think you’ll find that you will get a lot more done.

So you can have a Bon-Weekend!


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