Friendships and Business

Is it time to ditch your friends?


Friendship and BusinessWhen it comes to your friends, would you say they impact you in a positive way? Friendships and business don’t always align, but trust me mama, they need to.




Whatever your business is, it’s hopefully aligned with your values and beliefs. If that’s so, then you’re on your way to stardom and success! Just make sure your friends align with those same values and beliefs or it may be time to ditch a few friends OR re-align what your values are.

Did you know you’re a product of who you hang around? Your posse will either make you or break you. So choose wisely and become aware of who’s energy your tapping into. Greatness, spawns greatness, but negativity can create a vortex pulling you down.

Here are a few characters that can suck the mojo out of you. Watch out for the red and orange alerts, because these friends are not the high vibe people that will support your hustle.  Are any of the following in your posse?

  • Debbie Downer – She’s an energy vampire.  She tends to talk about how terrible the weather is, how much she hates Mondays and generally loves to people watch and point out the weirdo in a crowd. She hates her job, loves to gossip about everyone else and their business, but often won’t reflect honestly on her own life. There’s a black cloud over this gal and its doom and gloom as far as she’s concerned.  On the friendship meter – Red Alert!! Debbie’s energy will leave you un-motivated to do anything to get ahead in life. She wants you right where she feels comfortable.
  • The Complainer.  They looove to complain about literally everything and anyone. Every situation, their job, their neighbour, their relationship, their failing business, you name it. But when you offer your solid advice, they don’t take it. They wallow in their problems, because most likely it benefits them in some way they’re not aware of. The complainer loves to focus on their problems but never the solution. Friendship Meter – Orange alert! This friend is dangerously close to the red zone, so limit your time to a 2 minute convo and get outta there!
  • The Gossip Girl.  She usually starts every sentence with “Okay, she told me not to tell a soul BUT……” or ” DON’T tell anyone but I just heard….” chances are if she’s telling you someone else’s problems that she’s sworn to secrecy not to tell, then she’s gonna do the same to you honey. Plus, having a friend that has nothing better to do than gossip about others – i.e. JUDGE everyone – isn’t serving anyone in a positive way. Friendship meter – Red Alert! Time to ditch this one unless you aspire to become a gossiping grandma one day!
  • The Condescender. This type of friend is generally not a friend at all. It may be the one character trait I despise the most (if I can be honest). This chick does NOT like you succeeding in life. She wants you under her and always needs the one up. She will talk down to you and try her best to make you feel inferior. But don’t worry, it’s all because of her own self doubt, and inferiority issues. She’s just jelly, so I’d say anyone that makes you feel like you sparkle a little less, needs to go. This doesn’t get a friendship meter because this gal ain’t your friend.

I could go on and on but you get the hint. Having friends in your life that dull your sparkle, that dim your light in any way will inadvertently affect how you feel about yourself, how you relate to others, what thoughts you have floating around in your head (watch out, thoughts are things!) and will always lead to how you show up in life… most importantly in your business.  To be successful in all your roles is tough enough, so why not hang around those that genuinely want to see you happy and successful? Can your closest friends celebrate your wins with you, despite where they are in life? I hope you said yes! Those are the ones to keep.

Friendships and Business


Here’s some tips on who to keep around you. They say you’re a product of the 5 closest people in your life. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to hang around those that you want to emulate.  The gems are the people that:

  • Make you feel higher vibes and energy when you’ve left them.
  • When you bring your problems,  they offer a great solution instead of turning it into an opportunity to complain.
  • Make you laugh all the time! Don’t ever pass up a good giggle-fest!
  • Inspire you to be better.
  • Make you strive for more (in a good way)
  • You can learn from. Be it new things in any way that is positive and serves you well.
  • See no purpose in talking badly about others or judging others.
  • Make you feel good about yourself and following your dreams.
  • Can mentor you to where you want to be.
  • Are abundantly successful in the ways you aspire to be.

These people may be actual people you talk to in real life or some of them may be authors who’s books have a positive impact on your life. I’ve found many mentors from books and audio programs that have made such an impact on who I am today.

Keep striving for more and you’ll find it always.  Perhaps after reading this you may have to vote a few gals off the island. It’s okay, because who you bring into your circle is something you ought to take seriously. Some people just don’t make the cut.

Empowering you always,


Michelle xo


Michelle Tegola

Women's Empowerment Coach, Work from Home Mama.

Michelle is a Mompreneur to 3 littles, Author, Motivational Speaker and Womens Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about empowering women to step into their greatness by embracing their unique personal stories, helping to transform their pain into their power. She coaches women one on one and in group programs online. As a Mom of 3 littles, she's all about the #realtalk on being a Mompreneur, how to position yourself in the online world and how to show up authentically. You'll find amazing tips on how to find your passion and true purpose. Follow on Instagram @bossbabemompreneur Subscribe and get empowered at

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