Get in on my 2018 must haves…

The new year is here and I have just the products to start your year off right. From hair & beauty to travel and home, I am giving you my picks of the go to gadgets/products that promises to add extra sparkle to your days:)

Curls and Waves for days

Revlon Curling Iron
Revlon Curling Iron

I am so often in the makeup and hair chair and love my glam team(s). They always blow me away and I learn so much from them as well about how to create some of those cover girl looks on my own, at home. One of these looks, for me, has been the “beach waves” hair. I love the effortless, “beach girl” curls/waves that we see on so many well known faces like Khloe Kardashian etc so to be able to create these looks on my own without a team, is fabulous. I found that the Revlon Hairstylists Curling Iron is a fantastic and budget friendly option to get the curls that you want. I must be honest, for the price point, I was quite sceptical initially not knowing how effective it could actually be, but on trying it, I am a total convert. I am obsessed with my beach waves. Get yours now at just about R300. (click on image in my “shop my world” section ( to shop direct).

Say Goodbye to Cellulite in 2018

The Galvanic Spa System
The Galvanic Spa System

Which one of us wouldn’t love to get rid of stretch marks and/or cellulite right? Till now, I didn’t really think it was possible …until I came across this little magic machine, that is! This compact little thing has the magical ability to make those nasty lines and wrinkles etc, disappear leaving skin looking and feeling younger and smoother. click on image in “shop my world” (, to turn back the clock;).

Its always Selfie Time

MIPOW Portable Selfie Stik
MIPOW Portable Selfie Stik

As you can imagine, I love a good selfie. I love capturing as many moments as possible to share with all of you of my fav places, food and fashion. This is why I love this portable selfie stick from MIPOW. You can pop it into your handbag and take it with you everywhere and simply attach it to your phone when you want to take a selfie. It is also Bluetooth compatible and I want you to have it. I will be giving away one of these fabulous sticks to one of you. Simply subscribe to my blog and follow me on instagram (@arita_bagwandin) and you could be well on your way to taking the perfect selfie and capturing those perfect moments. Good luck my loves. xx

Turn Back The Clock

Modere Anti Aging Products

When I hear that theres a brand out there that can make me look younger and healthier, they have my attention. when I find that they are also safe, not only for my skin and health, but for the environment and are ethically based, they have my support. Modere is one such brand. I love the ethos of their brand and their products actually work. Shave years off and get yours now. click on image in “shop my world” ( and get shopping.



Get Shakin’ & Bakin’

Bosch Multi tal
Bosch Multi Talent 3

Apart from fashion and beauty, another passion of mine is baking and being in the kitchen (me..domesticated, shocking I know 😜), its true though. I love food and cooking, more especially baking and love gadgets that make life easier. The Bosch Multi Talent 3 is definitely the kitchen must have for 2018.

This processing machine can slice, chop, beat, knead, shred, whisk, grind, crush, grate, whip and blitz. With this compact little machine, you can do everything from kneading dough, to blending smoothies, slicing and dicing vegetables and also grinding your own spices.

Lashes for Days

Magnetic Lashes
Magnetic Lashes

I am always in front of the camera doing shoots etc and beautiful lashes are a must for me and most women. The time and fuss of getting them on however is something I dread. Which is why I was so excited when I discovered magnetic lashes. They are so amazing, no glue, mess, time. The magnets on each of them simply clip to each other and you have long, sexy lashes in seconds. I LOVE them. Go to my “shop my world” section (solaritagroupcom)  (bottom of page) & simply click on the images to shop directly.

These are my top choices of products to start the new year with. I am sure you will love shopping my world as much as I do😉

Lots of Love

Arita 💋💋

Arita Bagwandin CEO, Blogger, Editor, Social Media Personality

Arita Bagwandin
CEO, Blogger, Editor, Social Media Personality

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