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If you want to get some free publicity for your online business, landing online media features is a great way for achieving that, without spending any money at all on advertisement!

With the background in journalism and freelance writing I knew very well the power of media. I made sure that I get featured and quoted in as many major publications related to personal growth as possible, once I started out as a life coach. Getting this free publicity has helped me immensely to get my name out there and build my coaching practice.

Here are five steps that can help you to land media features and get free publicity for your brand and your online business:

1 Plan A Good Strategy For Getting The Best Free Publicity Possible For Your Brand And Business

This step is crucial as you want to make sure that you land the feature in the media publication that is related to your niche, as their audience is also your target audience. You want to be featured in an online publication where every single reader could be your potential client or customer! You don’t want just to get the free publicity, you want to get the right type of free publicity for your brand and business!

Make sure that you get clear on who your target audience is, how old they are, what sites or media publications they are reading. That way you can get clear on which publication is the perfect choice for you to be featured!

For example, if you are a health coach, you would want to be featured in healthy lifestyle magazines and major online platforms (like Mind Body Green). On the other hand, if your are a business or career coach, a platform like Entrepreneur or Forbes would be an ideal choice for you! Depending on your expertise, services you offer and niche, choose the sites and publications that will help you to reach your ideal audience.

You would want to be featured in online magazine editions, platforms and publications, if you are running an online business. That is the fastest way to get their audience visiting your own website and social media profiles, as they will be linked in your bio!

2 Pitch Good Quality Content To Land Desired Media Features And Free Publicity

The best way to start is to search for the guest posting sites and publications where they are looking for writers and contributors in your core zone of genius (expertise). Once you have a clear idea which publications are perfect for you to be featured in, make sure that you check out their writing guidelines and write some good quality content which will match their requirements. Make sure that you pitch an article or post with some really good tips and advice.

If you go into self praise and promoting your brand and services, you will end up with a huge rejection! But, if you offer a content that will serve their audience, with good tips and advice on how to overcome certain challenges or solve problems, you will maximise your chance of being featured! Leave all the self promotion for your bio and give away only good tips, inspiring story or a piece of advice in the article that you are pitching.

3 Present Yourself As An Expert Worthy Of Media Feature

Any good online platform or media publication would want to offer trusted, good quality and reliable content to their audience. You want to make sure that editors take you seriously when you are pitching your articles. No matter if you are pitching a guest post for The Huffington Post, or an article for the Forbes magazine, you have to make sure that you present yourself as an expert in the niche and someone who is reliable to write about the topic.

Mention in the e-mail to the editor or in your bio (if submitting content on their site) all your credentials, experience, and your biggest professional achievements. You want to be taken seriously, so there is no need to be humble here! Make sure you give them the link on your blog or website so that they can check your online presence (some editors give a great importance to this!). If you have a large audience on your social media platforms that is following you, mention that as well.

4 Start With “Smaller” Media Features

Starting with media features on a small scale will give you the confidence to start with! Bigger media publications and online platforms like The Huffington Post, Forbes or Mind Body Green have huge submission queue and high rejection rate for pitched content (as they have rigorous terms for publishing and want a truly great piece of content).

I know coaches who got featured in The Huffington Post after ten times being rejected with ten different articles. For landing these more “branded” media features, you need to have patience and keep on trying until you land it! Also, editors of these bigger media publications often ask that you submit links on your previous media features, to get the feeling about your writing style. The smart thing to do here is to start small, with guest posting sites who are not having such big submission queue and where it is easier to get featured and then, with those links, confidence and experience, try to land a “sound” media feature.

Once landed features will help you to land more media features in the future, as after reading a good piece of content of yours, editors of other publications or experts in the niche may contact you with an invitation to write for their magazine or blog, do an interview, appear as a guest on the podcast and  so on…

5 Make Your Bio Work For You

You want to make sure that you write a really good bio, which will promote you, your business and your brand in the best way possible. Mention what you do and your credentials, because you want to be taken seriously as an expert. Also, include something interesting about yourself which will make those who read your article curious to get to know you better, visit your website or social media profiles. The final goal which you should have in mind is that those who read your article end up working with you or buying your products and services.

Mention what services or products you are offering, what they can find on your website (free opt-in, or free advice on your blog, or perhaps videos and podcasts). The major goal about getting the media feature is that you expand your target audience and get more potential clients to know about you, so have in mind the power of your bio!

Once you land your media features, make sure that you place their logos on your website in AS SEEN IN section. This will help you to position yourself as a trust worthy expert in the long run!

Danijela Jokic Vaislay


Danijela Jokic Vaislay is life coach ("an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with life problems" :), from SE Europe, working while traveling, currently based in India. Her mission is to inspire and help women all over the globe to get the confidence and strategy to get unstuck in life, and go after there wildest dreams, via her blog, articles, and 1 on 1 life coaching via Skype. Her advice on success, happiness, relationships, dating, and building the confidence was featured and quoted in COSMOPOLITAN, The Huffington Post, and counting. Go over to (link in bio) to read more inspiring articles and blog posts by Danijela, and to book free 30-min life coaching call with her via Skype. Follow Danijela on Instagram @DANIJELA_LIFECOACH (Twitter link in bio).

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