Getting Things Done When You’re Just Not Feeling It

getting-things-done-when-youre-not-feeling-itMotivation. Discipline. Determination. These are buzz words often used to describe how you can get through almost anything.

“Be disciplined and stick with it.” “Find your motivation and get it done.” “Determination and hard work are all you need to be successful.”

These statements are generally good advice, but what happens when that’s not enough? Some days it takes a little extra effort but on other days you’re just not loving it. Here are 5 steps to getting things done when you’re just not feeling it.

5-Steps to Getting Things Done When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Step 1: Acknowledge your feelings.

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be up to completing the tasks at hand. Maybe it’s simple and you’re just tired. It could also be more complex and stress-related. Either way, try to figure out what’s causing you to feel this way. Is it something you can control? If so, what are some possible solutions? The idea here is to pinpoint what’s wrong and figure out why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling.

Step 2: Clear your head.

The next step is to clear your head. If you can’t immediately fix what’s ailing you, which is often the case, you need to find ways to move past it. Getting your thoughts out is really helpful. If you’re into it, meditation is one really good method. Being still and completely present helps you re-center yourself. Another method is to write or talk it out. Sometimes getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper is a great way to mentally declutter. The same can be said for speaking your thoughts aloud and into the atmosphere. And your thoughts don’t have to be eloquent. Just start writing or talking. Before you know it you’ll feel a little lighter.

getting things done when you're just not feeling itStep 3: Self-care.

Arguably the most important but always the most fun, indulging in self-care is step three. The activity may be different for everyone but the goal is to do things that make you happy. Choosing things that relax you and make you less tense is the way to go. Some people enjoy coloring, others a nice long walk or even a dance party. There are no real requirements as long as it is something that makes you smile. This can be a refreshing form of therapy. Find yourself a healthy distraction and dive in.

Step 4: Reflect on your “why”

After some self-care you’re ready to get back to it. Revisit what needs to get done. Recall all of the pros. Remind yourself why you want this even though it can be hard sometimes. Let your purpose be your motivation.

Then give thought to how accomplished you will feel once the work is complete! Just being done can be all the light you need at the end of the tunnel. 

Step 5: Get it done!

Now that you’ve completed steps 1-4, It’s time to get back to work. You can ease back into it, allowing yourself to take breaks. Or you can hit the ground running if that’s more your speed. Either approach is fine and you’re now ready to focus on the task at hand and get it done! That’s it.

That’s how you can start getting things done when you’re just not feeling it.

Because let’s face it, life gets rough sometimes. This past week has been a tough one for many of us. That is perfectly fine. Take the time you need. Get yourself in better spirits and keep pressing forward, because we have so many reasons to keep it moving. The world awaits your gifts and that’s reason enough!

Tiffanie Bernard

Tiffanie is the Founder and CEO of Embodi Collective, THE place for all things indie, plus size and dope! We’re pretty sure that she was born with the creative bug. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for designing and creating. Her most recent endeavors have lead her to women's fashion. Tiffanie understands the importance of developing your own personal style and how difficult it can be to find the right pieces to bring it all together. Embodi Collective is the answer to that need.

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