Good morning habits for productivity and wellness

Is there any BEST way to develop good morning habits?

In my last post I was arguing how the really good habits that you develop, can and will, improve your performance and overall quality of life. Read the post here

When I started digging into my habits, I felt that the morning routine was the most important to start with. Good habits in the morning can affect the rest of your day in a positive way.

There is not any one best way to start your day to increase productivity and overall well being. Therefore everyone should do a trial and error and find out. Although it may sound inefficient, it really is the best way to find YOUR best routine.

Of Course you can take a few shortcuts to simplify your trial and error. I have my own influencers, which I will share with you in this post.

Good habits for the morning routine

I am going to share my morning routine with you now, feel free to copy. And I definitely recommend you DO try some of this at home! 

This is what I do in about 95% of my mornings. Sometimes I do a shorter version, and I may skip some items on the list. For an example, while I am travelling. Sometimes I just skip the routine completely. It all comes down to how I am going to spend the day and what expectations I have set for myself for that day/week /month.

It may look like a long list, but really, it takes me between 7-15 mins every time. Depending on the current status of body and mind.

Say YES!

Say it out loud or to yourself in your mind! Do you know how many times you say ‘no’ to yourself during the day? The answer is: TOO MANY! Start with a YES! to balance it out. At first I felt a bit silly and almost shy (I don’t know why, there was no one there who could hear me). But now, it is a natural way for me to produce a smile. This makes me positive, a little bit giggly and excited for this upcoming new day.


Ooops, I said it. You are really not supposed to snooze. You know, especially not if you have irregular sleeping pattern (like I do) BUT! I have a very special purpose for this: I use these few minutes to think about my day ahead, my upcoming appointments and the people I am going to meet. My intention here is to attach a happy thought with everything that is coming my way. And … in case you were wondering, the answer is yes. I do sometimes just fall asleep again! But I only snooze once, that is the rule. If I have a problem with that, I use a tactic I recently learned from an amazing woman named Mel Robbins and her “5 second rule”. It’s so simple, that it’s almost stupid that it works. It is basically: when you don’t feel like doing something (anything), just count backwards from five (5-4-3-2-1-GO!) and it will prompt an action. It actually works. Apparently this re programmes your brain in a way.

Personal motto

When I am at home, the first thing I see when I open my eyes is my own personal motto on the wall opposed to the bed. And when I’m not at home, I remind myself of this motto even though I don’t see it. This reminds me of who I am to the people around me; my family and my clients. This keeps me determined and motivated. And after I fully take it in, I roll over to sit on my bed.


While sitting I move every joint of my body in every direction. I start with my neck and work my way down, when I stand up I either do a very slow and easy squat or grab my knees one at a time and pull into my chest. This gets my blood flowing and even though my eyes are still sleepy, I can FEEL my body waking up it makes me thankful for having a healthy and strong body to take me all the places I want to. Then I walk to the bathroom … no need for further details here… lol.


On my way back to the bedroom I have an easy access, on one of the walls, to my monthly and yearly goals. I remind myself of them, and this keeps me focused. Knowing that the road may not always be easy, but it’s the right thing for me to do.

Go Bulletproof

After I get dressed  I make myself a very delicious cup of bulletproof coffee. If you have not tried it, I recommend… no! I INSIST you give it a go! Wow this was a real game changer for me. I was such a coffee junkie, drinking up to 8-10 cups a day during my long office days. No, not anymore! Bulletproof has cured me of my endless need for caffeine. Find out everything about Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee here.

The yoga pose

While brewing the coffee, it takes a few minutes, I practice whatever yoga pose I am working on for the moment. Now, it is a handstand. So while brewing coffee, I’m on a mission to stay as much upside down as I can. All inverted yoga poses have good affect on your brain and body. Maybe you can find one that suites you.

Darren Daily

Now, with my coffee in hand, I listen to daily inspirational message from Darren Hardy, try it! It’s completely free and full of positive energy and a provides key lesson to take into the day. And then I am ready to tackle the no.1 most important project on my list.

2017 goals

The bottom line

The bottom line, when you are your own boss, your work is your life. So you need to boss every area of your life. Taking the matters of your health and overall well being into your own hands is the greatest gift you could give yourself. Don’t wait. Put your health first, it is your source of greatness after all. Stay strong.


Owner, founder

Eyglo is the owner and founder of Yoga in suits, which brings the practical methods of yoga into the business world, straight to the people who need it the most. Having a business degree along with a licence in yoga teaching and training, she gets the best of both worlds. From starting the small company, and to now; having staff all over her home country in Iceland, she is now aiming for expanding the brand abroad. Her main topics of interest and the ones she will be writing about are: productivity, management, leadership, health, wellness and yoga.

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