Growth: Does It Make You Wanna Shrink?


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Growth Is The Goal Of Any Business, Right?

And, growth is exactly what you’ve been working towards. You’ve created growth in your clients, growth in your audience members, growth in your income, and the personal development growth that you know is key to creating a business that feels amazing.


But What If That Growth Makes You Wanna Shrink?

Well, that’s pretty counterintuitive.

Everything you’ve worked so hard for over the past days, weeks, and months is finally happening.

You’re finally booking clients!

Your audience is growing by delightful little red icons all day, every day

You even wake up to all those PayPal notifications in your inbox that you’ve affirmed around for EVER.

So…why do you feel like hiding under your duvet until well into pumpkin spice season?

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Because, baby. You’re expanding. You’re becoming into the version of yourself that has and does and IS all those things you’ve been dreaming of.

You knew it would happen eventually.

And yet it’s still kinda freaky. Why?

Because it’s the unknown. Even if it’s the beautiful unknown.

Because it’s growth. Even if it’s growth you’ve been petitioning the Universe for.

Because, as a wise therapist once said to me, “did you really think growing out of your comfort zone would be…comfortable?”


If you’ve heard me speak for more than a millisecond, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with transformation. As a coach, transformation is really the only thing on my coaching “curriculum”. I change myself all the time. I’ve learned to lean into that tummy-butterflies feeling (aka panic attack. potaytoh-potahto).


And I’ve also come up with some actions that I find really helpful when expansion leaves me wanting to contract, big time:

1. Well…Contract…(kinda)

Here’s what I know about cravings: when you ignore them, they get worse. When you accept them and honour them, they have a chance to move through you.

Honour this contraction. Don’t make the mistake of creating tension around your tension. Just be with it. Fulfill your commitments (because, obvi) and then take a damn break.

You’re a boss babe. You don’t need to worry that you’re going to take a forever break (not without some serious soul-searching). So just let yourself hide for a day or two.

2. Do Comforting Things

When I’m really expanding a lot, I like to re-watch certain movies and/or TV shows that I know will uplift me and give me an emotional outlet. In my 20’s, I used to move a lot, change jobs a lot, break up with people a lot, and whenever those huge life changes went down, you could find me alone in my living room, wrapped in a quilt, watching Hope Floats.

Now, when I’m up-levelling in my business and I’m rocking that mixture of elation and exhaustion, I like to watch re-runs of The Office.

Whatever brings you comfort and familiarity…do that. Whatever reminds you where you came from and where you’re going. Whatever feels warm and squishy. Do that.

Eat only pancakes for a couple of days. Have a sleepover with your best friend. Wear your comfiest, jankiest sweatpants, non-stop. Do what feels good.


3. Keep up With Your Dedicated Actions

My own coach turned me on to the idea of non-negotiable daily actions in my business*.

*It feels like something I should have known sooner

Self employment is really different from being employed. In a job, even if no one tells you what to do every day, you KNOW.

You also know that if you don’t do those things for an extended period, you’re going to get fired. Self employment is different. If you watch re-runs of Scandal all day, no one will ever even know about it. Further to that, isn’t watching re-runs of Scandal in the middle of a workday kinda one of the reasons we became self employed to begin with? Just me?

Dedicated actions (or non-negotiables) are actions you take in your business, every single day, regardless of whether you feel like it or not. They’re the ones that help create growth and income and stability. They’re the ones that separate actual businesses from hobbies.

My daily non-negotiables have evolved over time as my business and client-load have grown.

At this exactly moment in time, these are mine (I reserve the right to change my mind):

  • Show up daily. This means that I post a certain number of times across my socials, add value, make people laugh, inspire, whatever.
  • Sell stuff. Make offers. Get into conversations with people I’d love to coach.
  • Get outside. Move my bod.
  • Serve the shit out of my clients. Duh.
  • Journal. Write out mindset work. Write out my big vision. Even when growth scares the knickers off of me, I write out my next level because I never want to feel limited.

I place no stipulations on when or how these tasks are accomplished, which makes me feel free (my governing desire) and allows me to be creative at each task.

4. Remember the Vision

You started this for a reason. Is the reason still valid? Go back to your big vision. Write it out in great detail. What’s changed since the last time you wrote it out? Do you need to shore anything up? Change your methods? Hire a VA? Launch something new and fun? Re-launch something you’ve already built? Take a vacay?

It’s a beautiful thing when you can allow yourself to be pulled along really organically by your vision, rather than pushed by your FOMO.

Vision: if you don’t have one, GET one!


You’re a total badass. Don’t forget that. You’re doing things that so few people ever have the courage to even attempt.

This Growth Is A GREAT Thing.

If you need a little rest, a little self care, a little comforting, HONOUR IT.

And then tomorrow, or Monday, or next month, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, put on an outfit that makes you feel invincible, and get back to conquering the world because we need you.

Erin McDonald

International Transformational Coach + Head Babe in Charge at ClumsyGrace

Erin is an international life and business coach, obsessed with transformation - both her own, and that of her incredible clients. Also, tacos. When she's not coaching the funniest, most creative, purpose-filled, biggest-hearted-bad-asses on Planet Earth, she enjoys parenting her two hilarious kids and wife-ing it up with her rad husband. She considers herself a kitchen dance party enthusiast and is a self-proclaimed Whack-a-Mole Champion. She believes that most success comes from mindset, that coaching creates miracles, that relief is an underrated emotion, and that Harry Potter’s birthday should be a national holiday

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