How To Guest Post Like A Boss

So you’ve created a website. Congrats! That’s a big deal.

You probably spent hours agonizing over the images, set up your social media accounts, proofread your articles a million times….but now what?

It’s time to start bringing in traffic to your blog. In our recent post we discussed how to boost your SEO to bring more traffic to your site, and a great way to do this is by guest posting.


When you write a guest post on another website or blog, you give yourself the opportunity to be introduced to a brand new crowd of people who will fall in love with what you do, subscribe to your newsletter, and buy your products!

But you gotta do it right.

How To Guest Post Like A Boss

learn how to guest post like a boss

Here are some key things to keep in mind if you want to start guest posting:

Pick the right blogs to guest post on

I see a lot of new bloggers rushing to guest post on any site that will take them. It’s important to do your research and make sure that the guest posting you will be doing is worth your time and will help your business grow!

Check to make sure that the blog you’re considering posting for has the right audience that will align to what you do. Are they the type of people who will be interested in your products and services? Always ask yourself this question before guest posting and do your research.

You also want to ensure that the platform you’ll be guest posting on has a good reach, and traffic to their site. After all, you do want people to be reading the amazing content you’re creating.

Consider What Their Audience Needs

Before pitching to a website to submit a guest post, do some research to find out what their audience needs. If you can take a look at what the current articles on the site are, and find a gap you can fill with your own original content, you’ll have a better chance of being accepted.

While pitching to blogs and websites, be as specific as possible on how your article will help their reader, and what your article will include.

Build Rapport

If you’re reaching out to someone out of the blue to request to write for their blog, your chances of getting a yes will be lower if they don’t know who you are.

If you have a blog you’ve set your sights on to blog post, spend some time creating a relationship and letting them know how much you admire them. You may want to follow them on social media platforms, and begin to like and comment on their photos.

You’ll likely start a conversation with them, and before you know it- you’ll be besties.

Then, if you do reach out to collaborate, they’ll be excited to work with you.

Submit Your Articles On Time


If you’ve agreed to write a post for a specific deadline, submit your articles on time. By submitting late, you can do damage to your own reputation and limit the opportunities that come from guest posting.

Remember that if you’re working with someone on any capacity, they definitely take notice of your work ethic, and this can be a make or break factor for future opportunities.

My guest contributors who produce great content, submit on time, and really put care into what they do, see the benefits come back to them. I’m keen to send referrals their way, and promote them in my own community, because I’ve seen proof that they can do a good job, and I trust that if I refer them, they will do an amazing job.

Remember that every positive encounter you have in business, has an impact on the people who you’re working with. If you can truly help someone and create amazing content for them, they’ll be in a hurry to help you too.

How To Pitch

Unfortunately, it’s quite rare that your dream blog will track you down and ask you to write for them. You’ll likely have to pitch, but don’t stress. It doesn’t have to be hard! Here’s a simple pitch template that you can use to request a opportunity to guest post on your favourite blog. You’ll want to customize it to fit your own tone, and tailor it to who will be receiving the article.

Sample Pitch Template:

Hi (name)

My name is ________ and I’m the founder of __________. We specialize in (what you do). I’ve been reading (your blog) for a while and I love the content you create. I’m particularly a fan of (your favorite article).

I was looking through your content, and I noticed that you don’t have any posts on (topic). I’d love to write a post for you on (topic) and share with your audience some of my best tips.

The post would include (subject #1, subject #2, subject #3).

Let me know if you would be interested in having this content created for your audience, and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.


(your name)

learn how to guest post like a boss

You can use this script and customize it to match the publication you’re reaching out to, and the details such as your introduction, and the topics you wish to write about.

Don’t Give Up

Creating amazing content for other publications is not only fun, it’s a great way to get creative, and meet a whole new audience. You may not hear from every blog you reach out to, but that’s okay. There are so many great ways to grow your audience and drive traffic to your site with amazing SEO practices. Grab my guide on 20 SEO hacks for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs, you can grab it here and use the tricks to get your blog + business to the first page of Google.

Reese Evans

Founder at yes supply collective

Reese is a Passive Income Success Strategist, and founder at yes supply collective, a source for female creatives to get the tools and mentorship needed to create a online business and a life they love. Find her on instagram at @yessupply and talk to her in her free facebook group at

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