Is Hard Work Preventing Your Productivity?


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It’s a topic that we talk about most on the entrepreneurial journey and one that crosses our lips daily. How do I succeed, get it done, increase my productivity? And invariably you’re told, through hard work. But to me ‘hard work’ is a dirty phrase.

Hard work and productivity are two different things. By saying you shouldn’t be working hard, this isn’t an excuse to cut down to a four-hour week, cross your fingers, think positive and hope for the best. If we did that, our businesses would fall flat on their faces. You need to put in the hours and the productivity needs to be there. But there is something so much better than hard work. And that’s inspired work.

Now, on paper inspired work and hard work may look the same, but there is a monumental difference in mindset. When you switch your thinking from ‘I’ve got to work hard to see results’ to ‘the task at hand is ultimately going to benefit my business’ then there is a shift in your mindset. Your stress levels are reduced and you start finding enjoyment in the most mundane tasks.

Developing your mindset is something that you need to practice every day. If you want to be successful in business, then you need to believe in yourself. You also need to take a different view on how the world works. If you work yourself into the ground and feel everything needs to be hard, then on a law of attraction level, hard things are what will come to you. Inspired work, however, feels good. You’ll want to work the hours and get it done. And the more you feel inspired the more inspiration comes your way.


So, How Do I Shift My Mindset To Inspired Work?


1.The first thing to do before you start your work, and the thing that is going to make the most difference, is to meditate for ten to fifteen minutes. Even if you think you haven’t the time, it is a practice that will increase your productivity tenfold. Either listen to some gentle music, a guided meditation or concentrate on your breathing. After ten minutes of meditating, you’ll have let go of any resistance and you’ll have far more focus.

2. If a task seems daunting to you, break it down into smaller segments and focus on the benefits of doing that task. This will help to stop any procrastination. Again, by changing the way you look at something and adjusting your mindset, you will shift your thinking from hard work to inspired work.

3. Take as many opportunities as you can through the day to re-connect with your business mission and goals. Write down your reasons for starting your business and keep them close by. It’s that initial spark that will keep you going when times get hard, and the catalyst to change from a hard work mindset to an inspired work mindset.

4. Write a daily gratitude journal. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate all the small steps that you’re taking. Marvel at all the wonderful big wins you’ve had. There is always a silver lining and keeping a journal will program you to focus on the positive and the inspired.

5. Visualization is an incredible tool. Did you know, our brains can’t tell the difference between real life and a visualization? Athletes often practice visualization, and it can have amazing results. Let yourself day-dream about how you want to feel when working on your business. By tapping into that feeling and focussing on it during a visualization, with practice, you’ll be able to take the feeling with you during your working day.

Imagine what you could achieve if it all felt inspired.



Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer is a mompreneur running a dinner party game company and is also a freelance writer. She has a background in theater and a passion for writing about mindset and the law of attraction. Jennifer lives in semi-rural England with her five-year-old daughter. When she's not writing, hustlin, on stage or running around with her daughter, Jennifer can be found listening to vinyl, enjoying a glass of merlot and obsessing over The Walking Dead. Instagram: @jenandlivs

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