The heart knows no to run your business more effortlessly

Putting in all the action! Always busy and checking off your business bucketlist? Feel like chasing time al the day? Setting goal after goal. We can do better than this, saving us some time to relax on the way. When we chase we’re putting in a lot of energy that we can generate in a different way.


Goal versus intention

Goal = achievement = feels often like we must

Let me explain. I definitely am a firm believer in checking off your to-do list and setting goals but..  a goal implies achievement on a set timing. And YES of course a goal needs an indication and so does the Universe. And Yes of course we want to achieve. BUT…it also carries a lot of MUST in it. This need to get there because if we don’t….we feel we fail. This carries a lot of resistance and control in it. From that place we cannot feel other than that we need to hustle. To me.. every time I hear the word hustle I get goosebumps… like.. NO we are not supposed to hustle. Life is not meant for hustle. It is meant for unfolding.


Let your intention unfold

Intention = direction = Surrender to something bigger than yourself

What if…. we set an intention and let it unfold. We take inspired action, saving us a lot of unnecessary action and thus time. We still do the things we need to do but from a more allowing state instead of a pushing state. Less hustling. We have set out a direction and a time indication and then let it go for the Universe to take the lead. After all it has the whole vision and all we have to do is surrender, follow and take the whispered action.


so what do we need to do?

  • less pushing more allowing
  • learn to listen to your intuition more
  • take inspired action
  • have fun on the way



  • One thing that helps you a lot in listening to yourself and setting that energy for the day from a place of connection is meditation. Just take 5 minutes a day and feel the difference.


  • Take time to connect with yourself throughout the day. Make it a habit to be with yourself in some alone time. You will notice that the more you train this muscle the more you will get beautiful inspiration flowing through you. The clearer your do’s and don’t will be.


  • Be kind to yourself, surrendering to yourself is a process. It won’t happen in one day. You have to start trusting yourself in this. But once you get a hang of it it will feel efficient and easy-going at the same time!


  • As long as you have decided to work with the Universe now you might as well delegate some intentions  to it. You can see this bigger part of you is like a manager that is connected to the whole firm.. the Universe. It knows exactly where to be and what to do to make your goals come true. Hand out the big tasks (goals 😉 A. Hicks has this great tool. Just take a paper and draw a line in the middle. Now on the left you write down the tasks you want to have done (these are mostly the bigger goals). On the right you write the things that you will do to get there. Do this every day A beautiful cooperation right.


Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that we need to take the lead. We don’t!


be guided by your bigger self, inner self, higher part

.. whatever you want to call it.

Just less hustling more following your heart!


Tineke Janssen

For as long as I can remember I love to inspire and motivate people. As I got into the Law of Attraction my passion even fired up haha. It's such a wonderful life tool. I like to write about how to use this concept in your business. Be consistent and see yourself & your business grow. No really. If you only knew what the right focus can do for you! Try it out for yourself. I'm a law of attraction coach dying to share "the Secret(s)" with you! With all my love, Tineke Janssen

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