Should I Hire a Project Manager or an Online Business Manager?

There are two primary types of high-level virtual assistants that you may wish to bring in to your digital business. Sometimes these terms are interchangeable, but it is important to understand the distinctions between a project manager and an online business manager. outsource to an online business manager

What Project Managers Do

Project managers frequently have a background in project management, either in a digital sense or from working in a corporate environment.

They may even have certifications, such as Lean Six Sigma or other backgrounds and particular studies that allow them to handle the management of many projects in a previous position. A project manager is skilled in making sure that everybody on a team is holding up their end of the deal. The project manager is responsible for taking a bird’s eye view of a project, breaking it down into smaller pieces and ensuring that it is completed on time.

A project manager will have a key role in interacting with the other individuals on your digital team. For example, if you launch a podcast in your business, you might want to hire a project manager who will ensure that from end to end, everything is managed for the podcast itself. Many software teams make use of project managers because there are so many different individuals contributing in different ways and it’s easier to have one person who is the catch-all between the team and the next higher up person within the company.

What Online Business Managers Do

An online business manager, on the other hand, is somewhat different when you think about additional support in your online business. While a project manager might sometimes contribute to the conversations about business strategy, the online business manager is more frequently involved in business strategy overall.

Typically, an online business manager is going to be more expensive to lock in, but he or she is also going to play a bigger role in your business. He or she may handle some virtual assistant tasks or even some project manager tasks, but they are going to be responsible for the major components of your business that you do not have the time, energy or skillset to handle. An online business manager takes a more holistic approach to the company in full, whereas a project manager is focusing on the completion of specific projects or a specific project that has an end date in mind.

So, a project manager might be brought into your business to handle something for one to three months, where as an online business manager is typically an ongoing relationship where you allow someone else to step in as your right-hand person within your business to develop strategy and plans going forward. As you can see, there are differences between hiring a project manager and hiring an online business manager.

It’s not always easy to identify which is the right decision for you, but a careful consideration of the tasks that need doing and the things you’d like to outsource first can start to point you in the right direction. If you are bringing on a new team of ten writers to handle a blogging project, and you don’t have the time to be the point of contact for every single writer, a project manager is appropriate. If you need someone to serve as your second in command person and ensure that all regular tasks are completed like sending your email newsletter, publishing materials on YouTube and blogging on a regular basis, an online business manager can help you develop the work flows to ensure that this happens.


Laura Pennington

Laura Pennington burned out teaching 7th grade in Baltimore City and realized that traditional education was not for her in the midst of pursuing her PhD in public policy. She launched a freelance writing and virtual assistant career that allows her to work from home on her own time, teaching others how to build at-home businesses and providing content and strategy for major companies like Microsoft. She is a soon-to-be military spouse who has moved four times in seven years with her Navy man. She is a former competitive tap dancer and enjoys spending time with her cats and reading books like a good nerd should.

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