How can you improve your self-discipline


Have you ever found an Ad for a course or workshop, and then you hit the button to register it! But what happened? Later on, you didn’t go anywhere. You have reserved your seat and didn’t show up. Have you missed a good course or workshop to participate in because of doing this? I did! How about you?

I wondered why I was doing this. Every time I found someone called reminding me that I have a course coming up. Oh really! That is my typical response Oh my sorry, I am busy. I can’t come.

I have to admit that I felt a little guilty after every call reminding me of something I register it. This guilt leads me to put my finger on finding the reasons behind my excitement for a course or seminar for a sec and then forget all about it.

It is due to a lack of self-discipline! I don’t know at first why I did register? I just fill the form without giving myself a moment to reconsider my interests. what matters to me most to take and how can this course help me? 

So I started simply by figuring out what I need to do? what should I participate in to improve myself? What kind of courses, workshops and seminars that relate to my field of interest and will enhance my career development?

Then I maintain discipline by following singular actions which I can apply it daily to my routine that helps me to build and enhance my habit system.

It may sound useless but having a routine of singular action like drinking a glass of water after you wake up, will help you to form a habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just start small as you will find yourself looking for healthy recipes and engage in regular exercise.

by applying a singular activity to your routine system; you will start gaining the upper hand over many areas in your life.

After having a regular routine of small habits, you can start adding your big ones one at a time to make sure that it well planted in your immune system.

Lastly, be prepared with your anti-resistance plan as we tend to give up and lose our motivation easily in this time, seeing everything around us going so fast makes us impatient to give us a try to improve or seek a good habit so we can lose our willpower in any moment and got distracted with what life leads us to. 

Resistance comes in inner and outer forms, inner by having a negative self-talk with yourself and outer from a friend suggesting why can’t we go to the concert instead of your course.

So be aware of your environment and make sure to let your habits grow properly you have to double your efforts to protect it from the surroundings.

What have you done to improve your self-discipline? Write in the comment below and let’s share with each other how can we gain power over our lives.



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Menna Tolba is an Artcraft Maker. She seeks inspiration in Art as a whole from writing, designing to painting beside her love for fashion and styling. She sees that a powerful single word can change someone's life by motivating them to do their best, uplifting their spirits, changing their looks and being comfortable with who they are. she has translated her writing pieces to an art piece that carry happiness and hopes to others through her business Nana Galleria <3 She believes in Rumi " What you seek is seeking you" Her Instagram stand_unique

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