How I Found My Mentor

I’ve been in business for over 10 years. For 7 of those years, I never thought it important to have a business mentor. I know that’s kinda crazy, right? I sum it up to pure ignorance. For those 7 years, I struggled through business. I made mistakes that cost me dearly. I did not manage myself and my finances well. All this could have been avoided if I had a mentor.
A business mentor is supposed to guide you on the right path. Their experience, expertise and proven knowledge should be used to teach you. It’s like having your very own private tutor, but for your business. Where you may be going wrong, they will correct you. They should be able to ‘see your future’ and show you the ‘yellow brick road’.
After having ups and downs in my business for so many years, the first thing I did was make the decision to get a mentor. And not just any old mentor, a super-amazing one! A mover and shaker, a dynamic leader, qualified professional. A person who has presence and a great network. I wrote out all that I wanted in my mentor and confirmed in my heart and the atmosphere that I would find this person.
It took me about three more years to find my mentor. It took that long because I could not find ‘the one’. I was looking for someone special. I knew that I would spot that person at first sight. Being an online entrepreneur, business consultant and a procurement professional, I knew I had to find someone. A person who possessed certain qualities that aligned with my professional development. So one day, while just browsing on Facebook, I saw this video of a woman speaking about opportunity. Some of her words were, “As long as you have life, you have opportunity…….”. She captivated me. I wanted to know more of who she was.
After my research, I found that she was everything I wanted and more! I was so elated. Then, fear kicked in. How could I possibly approach this ‘superwoman’, much more ask her to be my mentor? It took me about 6 months to sum up to courage to send her an email. I let go of the fear, and said to myself, “All she can say is either yes, or no”. I sent her a short message on Facebook that went like this:
“Good evening to you ________________. My name is Kelisha Mills from Trinidad & Tobago. I’m an entrepreneur since 2007. I am presently seeking a mentor who can help me get to the next phase in my professional career. I’m in the field of _________________. I have been following you for quite a few months. I would love the opportunity to be mentored by you. I know this is no simple request. Please let me know if this is something you would consider. I value your time and expertise. Is is possible to have a chat with you for a few minutes? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kelisha”
A few weeks passed and I began to get despondent. I was so glad, after those weeks though, that she actually responded! She apologized for her late response. I should have known, duh! The lady is superwoman after all. She asked for my email and for more information. After chatting the next week, she agreed to me my mentor! Wow! Just like that, I found the mentor of my dreams.
My advice to you would be to:
a. Decide you want a mentor
b. Do your research
c. Let go of fear, and
d. Get that expert help that you deserve.
Here’s to a productive and aligned 2018!
Kelisha Mills


Kelisha Mills is a Boss Mom. She's a Business Coach to Moms, Author and Blogger. She had her share of successes and failures in business. She uses her experience to help moms grow Online Empires. She provides Mindset Training, Online Courses and Coaching Programs. Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Tobago, she is excited to share her story with the Boss Babe community. She shows that you can truly become successful no matter where you live around the world. Instagram @Kelisha_Mills

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