How I reached my goals in 2017

When you want to reach places you have never been before, you have to be willing to do things you have never done before. At the beginning of 2017 I had all my goals written out. The month before, I had planned to have my very first telesummit, the first of its kind in my region. I had reached out to some of the biggest names in online coaching to be guests that I would interview. Was I scared out of my mind? YES! Did I have doubts about my abilities? YES! Did that stop me from pressing forward? NO!
Being an online entrepreneur from the Caribbean, pressing through can be hard. There are many people and situations that can discourage you. I have found that some budding entrepreneurs use any challenge as an excuse not to be successful. No matter where you are in the world, you can make it! I am living proof of that. The reason I reached so many of my goals is because I decided that I will become successful.
Instead of having thoughts in my head, I wrote them down. I became more organized. I got a daily planner. I made more strategic moves instead of moving on impulse. I learned what I needed to learn according to the season I was in. I deleted the contacts that were not serving me. I became more involved in learning about myself, and who I needed to become to handle this success.
Another major decision I made was to stop being cheap! I started thinking about plenty instead of lack. I bought more expensive clothes, I dined instead of doing drive thru’s. Every time I made moves to get more, it happened effortlessly. Why? Well, because there is truly enough resources in the world for EVERY one who opens their mind and heart to see it. When your faith is lifted higher, then the possibilities become more tangible.
One major goal I have for 2018 is building my team. You can reach so far on your own. Overwhelm and burnout is inevitable when you try to do everything. Hiring help is not as expensive as it used to be. There are so many platforms with lower cost virtual assistants. I have come to know that the most successful entrepreneurs have a team. It’s wisdom!
Want to crush your goals for 2018? Then here are three tips.
1. Plan
2. Stretegize
3. Hire
Start with these, and see a greater percentage of your goals completed in 2018.
Kelisha Mills


Kelisha Mills is a Boss Mom. She's a Business Coach to Moms, Author and Blogger. She had her share of successes and failures in business. She uses her experience to help moms grow Online Empires. She provides Mindset Training, Online Courses and Coaching Programs. Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Tobago, she is excited to share her story with the Boss Babe community. She shows that you can truly become successful no matter where you live around the world. Instagram @Kelisha_Mills

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