How To Achieve Your Big Boss Babe Goals

how to achive goals boss babe

If you have BIG Boss Babe goals, like hitting your first $10 K month, getting fully booked with clients, organising a luxury retreat, or anything that blows your mind when you think of it, these are the steps that can help you to make it happen:

1) Write Your BIG Goal on the paper!

Dr. Gail Matthews, a professor at the Dominican University of California, in her research study about setting the goals, has discovered that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them!

When you write your BIG goal on the paper, you will make it “official” and you it will be an act of commitment to that goal, and also an act of faith that it is possible for you and the you CAN make it happen! Journaling about how would it look and feel like once you achieve your goal is also a very powerful practice!

2) Get Obsessed With Your BIG Goal!

Like Tony Robbins would wisely say: We don’t get our “SHOULDS” in life, we get our “MUSTS”. In order to really achieve that BIG goal, you need to convert it from big your “wish”, your “dream”, your “should…” into a MUST.

You need to give that big goal priority in your life. That means taking the time to work on it. That means investing money in resources, memberships, programs and courses, coaching and mentoring.

Only when your goal becomes non-negotiable thing in your life, and your MUST DO, you will fully commit to it, you will be laser focused on it, and do EVERYTHING it takes to make it happen!

3)To Be Exceptional, You Must Be The Exception!

We cannot get onto the next big step in life and in our business if we keep on using the same approach and methods we did so far. To get to the next level of your business growth, income goals, client list, or whatever your big goal is, you need to upgrade yourself and your business to the next level.

That might mean working on your branding, developing new skills so that you can command bigger prices, getting the press coverage, working with a coach or a mentor, networking and joining forces with other powerful boss babes out there, and you taking a leap of faith and investing in yourself and your business.

4) Surround Yourself With Other Boss Babes That You Admire

Did you know that there is unwritten “rule” which states that we tend to earn an average sum of what five people we spend the most of our time with are earning? Why? Because their mindset and their beliefs about money and wealth “rub off” on us!

In order to level up your business game, you need to surround yourself with other boss babes, who will inspire you and positively influence you. Having successful business besties is crucial, as their empowering beliefs about money and wealth, , ambitions, big visions, and success mindset will subconsciously “rub off” on you!

Luckily, even if you do not know any successful boss babe in person, you can create new empowering friendships online, by joining some of the online membership based community platforms for boss babes (such as #BOSSBABE Academy) and create more business besties.

Also, take some time to think about with whom you are spending the most of your time with and who are the people who are empowering you, or those you need to detox your life from, in order to step into this new mindset of powerful, super successful boss babe, that you want to become!

5)Mindset Work

In order to hit that big income goal, or any other goal, deep down in your subconscious mind you need to believe that it CAN be POSSIBLE for you, that you are worthy, that you have what it takes to make it happen.

Without the mindset work, even if you are using the “proven strategy” and put in a lot of hard work, it ain’t going to happen, because you will self sabotage yourself without even being aware of it. If you find yourself struggling in this area, you can work with a life or business coach who are offering the mindset work as part of their coaching program.

Overcoming limiting beliefs, taking aligned actions each day which take you closer to your big goal, empowering yourself with positive language and affirmations, reminding yourself of all the thighs you’ve achieved so far, meditating daily, having visual reminders of your big goal around you (like vision board or symbolic items), behaving and acting as if you are already that powerful, super successful, wealthy boss babe you want to become, practicing self care rituals, overcoming scarcity beliefs about money… are the ways that can help you to develop the right mindset for wealth and massive success.

Danijela Jokic Vaislay


Danijela Jokic Vaislay is life coach ("an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with life problems" :), from SE Europe, working while traveling, currently based in India. Her mission is to inspire and help women all over the globe to get the confidence and strategy to get unstuck in life, and go after there wildest dreams, via her blog, articles, and 1 on 1 life coaching via Skype. Her advice on success, happiness, relationships, dating, and building the confidence was featured and quoted in COSMOPOLITAN, The Huffington Post, and counting. Go over to (link in bio) to read more inspiring articles and blog posts by Danijela, and to book free 30-min life coaching call with her via Skype. Follow Danijela on Instagram @DANIJELA_LIFECOACH (Twitter link in bio).

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