How to Be More Productive & Focused At The Office

We all know that being productive is not easy.

Your daily office routine looks like this: lots of emails, endless reports to do and review, long and useless meetings. When you leave the office, one thing is for sure: you work hard but there’s still so much to do!

The best way to do more at work is multitasking, they say. After all, if in one hour you can do two or more tasks, you can get more of your time. But how can you do a good job when you’re checking your emails, reading excel sheets, contacting clients on the phone and prepare reports for a team meeting?

The true way to get more effective and productive comes down to one core skill: focus.


The master Tony Robbins couldn’t have said it better. The reason why we feel less productive at work is because we aren’t really focused on what we are doing. We are thinking about the tons of emails we have to answer while we are deciding about what to prepare for dinner later. We are not focused at we are doing and that makes us lazy and inefficient. 

In order to be more productive we need to FOCUS on the tasks we are performing so that we can have more ENERGY to deliver a good job. We can work out really hard at the gym because exercise makes us feel good and gets us into shape. We do a great training and achieve good results because we are FOCUSED. When we are focused, great things happen and we feel more satisfied with our job.

Here’s how to get more focus:


Make a To-Do-Priority List

To Do list is essential to keep us on track. But there are too simple and too normal for us to not follow them through. We should make a Priority List, listing what tasks we need to make and how important they are for our jobs. Start off with the most important ones and then the easy ones will make you feel more satisfied with your accomplishments.


Cut Email Time

The primary work tool is our inbox but it may hurts us more than help if we don’t control it. Check your email first thing in the morning to get a view of your day’s tasks. Then only check it from time to time, to allow you to really focus on the tasks you are performing. The more interruptions you make, the harder it will be to accomplish many tasks. Turn it off and get back to it with a clearer mind.


Make a results lists

We love the feeling to scratch that task off the list but here’s a tip. Before leaving the office make a Results List, with the top 5 tasks you addressed that day and how much clarity it added to your work productivity. That Result List is the testament of your productive day.


Plan, Do, Review

Plan your tasks, do them and then check if everything is done. Before leaving the office, check if there are any pending tasks you will need to address first in the next day. List also the tasks you need to perform until the end of the week and build blocks of one hour to perform specific tasks. To Do lists are very dynamic and you should always keep track of your efforts to not waste time on things that have been done before.


Productivity is not just about doing as many tasks as you can. It’s about organizing your daily routine in order to address more tasks in a more effective way. You can make 100 small tasks in one day but we don’t want to risk a burnout. The true key to effectiveness at work is to pick your priorities and work on them daily to decrease your efforts but increase your results. It’s not about shooting – it’s about shooting to the right target!

Rita Amaral

Rita is the Founder of ERREGRANDE.PT, the go-to portuguese platform for young powerful millennial woman. She creates content about business, motivation, careers, money and more. When she's not obsessing with personal development and online courses, she likes to swim in the mornings, have lunch by the beach and read books while drinking tea. Her goal is to show young women that with ambitions, focus and creativity, they can make it rain every day!

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