How To Email Your List Without Stressing Out

I’m sure you’ve heard that growing your email list is one of the most important things you can do for your online business.

Digital nomads and online entrepreneurs alike will say:

“There’s so much money in your list”

“You can’t build your home on rented space”

and they’re totally right…

When you send a promotion out on your instagram feed or twitter, only a VERY small portion of your followers will see it. When you rely on platforms like facebook to connect with your audience, you’re at the mercy of their algorithms. If the algorithms change, they can limit your ability to chat with your audience.

Or worse, what if people become bored with the social media platforms they’re currently on (R.I.P myspace), then how will you connect with people then?

How to email your list without stressing out

When instagram, snapchat (now Snap Inc.) and periscope are no longer considered relevant or lit, theres one channel that has been there before myspace and will still here long after snapchat- Email.

But I know what you’re thinking “Okay Reese, I want to email my list, but I have NO idea what to say”

I feel you. When I first started sending out emails to my list, I would feel my heart start beating faster before I pressed send. I would stress that my list would not find what I had to say remotely interesting. I was worried that people might think I’m spammy or worse…unsubscribe (gasp!)

After a year+ of sending emails to my list, and getting tons of messages from people who love the emails I send, I’ve mastered the art of sending emails to my list without stressing.

Here are the top things to remember when you email your list:

How to email your list without stressing outThey already like your content on your blog, so they will love what you have to say

Take a deep breath…..I’ll wait.

Calm down. If someone has taken the time to find you on social media, navigate to your website AND sign up for your list…they clearly like you.

When someone joins your list, this is a sign that they really love your brand, and they want to get to know you better.

You can pull back the curtain, show them the real you, and offer premium content in your list that even your website visitors don’t see, as a thank you for joining your list. Your email subscribers have handed over their email in exchange for more from you, so they will be excited to hear what you have to say.

Speak to only one person

When you email your list, you are sending it to hundreds, or even thousands of people. But when your subbies read it, they are just one person, in a room alone. If you are sending your messaging as if you are shouting from the rooftops, you’ll find it hard to resonate with one individual.

Have just one target reader or customer in mind when you send your email out, and re-read it when you’re done to make sure that it can connect with the individual.

How to email your list without stressing outIf you don’t already know who is reading your emails, this is a bigger problem in your business efforts. You should have a clear idea of who you want to connect with in your business, so you can ensure that your products and services can really help her.

Use a click-worthy subject line

How to email your list without stressing out

The average person gets over 100 emails a day. So what are you doing to make sure that your emails stand out in someone’s inbox?

Your subject lines should stand out, be catchy, and if you’re lucky- they can even evoke an emotion like a laugh.

Use trending phrases or even emojis to help your emails stand out against the rest. There are certain things that spam filters do not like so be careful. If you are sending emails with lots of words in caps, too many exclamation points (!!!) or red font, this can alert the spam filters.

Take this opportunity to build a connection

If you’re targeting a younger, more casual crowd, than use this opportunity to be human and build a connection with your readers. Tell a story that is relevant to your offer, share a secret, or ask a question that will evoke some engagement from your readers when you email your list.

People often buy into who you are, rather than simply a brand or a product, so sending a personable email is a great way to create an emotional bond with your lovely subscribers.

Don’t overwhelm your subbies

I’ve often received emails where the sender or company is trying to fill me in on every aspect of their life and business. In a single email there may be a link to a new promotion, a link to a blog post, and a reminder to follow the brand on instagram. This can get overwhelming for the reader as there is no sure direction on what they should do.


Don’t worry about unsubscribers, they’re not your target audience anyway

I know it’s a sad moment when you get your first unsubscriber. But don’t take it personally. If someone unsubscribes from your email list, it proves that they were not truly interested in the content you have to share, and they don’t care to learn more about the problem your business and services will help to solve. This person would likely not progress to be a customer anyway, so there is no need to shed a tear when they unsubscribe.

If you find you are getting a very high unsub rate, you may want to consider a pivot on your email strategy, or to ask the people on your list what kind of content they are interested in.

Okay, now go email your list….

Countless entrepreneurs have said that they wished that they had seen the power of email earlier, and used the opportunities on their list to get a good return on investment. Don’t wait until it’s too late, or let your list forget about you, and email your list today.

Reese Evans

Founder at yes supply collective

Reese is a Passive Income Success Strategist, and founder at yes supply collective, a source for female creatives to get the tools and mentorship needed to create a online business and a life they love. Find her on instagram at @yessupply and talk to her in her free facebook group at

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