Get Lucky. Plan, Prepare, and Be Open To Opportunity!

I’m a Brand Strategist, so creating consistent, inspiring, and visually appealing content is significant to me and the brands I work with. Each week, I develop my weekly content for myself and my clients’ social media pages. As I search the web, I’m looking for visual inspiration through images or messages that evoke a raw emotion that I feel compelled to share. Certain themes stand out to me, and I know that it is a message I am meant to deliver to my audience. In the past few weeks, I’ve been talking lots about Luck; or How to Get Lucky. These are my tGet Lucky. Plan, Prepare, Be Open To Opportunityhoughts on how you can plan, prepare, and become open to opportunity.

Luck was defined by the Roman Philosopher Seneca, as “preparation meeting opportunity.” In any case, I believe luck is not some random event that happens to you. It’s the culmination of a series of purposeful events.

Think about this: You want to be a singer. You’ve practiced and fine tuned your vocals since what feels like, ever. One day, you and you and your girls go to a concert, and while there you run into an up and coming music producer that you recognize from your favorite music blog. Even better, you run into the A&R director for Def Jam, who invites you to sing on sight. You knock (see what I did there, lol) off her feet, and the next thing you know you’re recording your first album.

Then, as you reminisce over it all, you think how lucky you were. But in reality, you weren’t. You were simply prepared. The preparation came from all your years of practicing and performing in talent shows. From your YouTube videos and Soundcloud uploads. So yohow to avoid overwhelming your VAu certainly had no fears or performance anxiety. Then, by the time you got in front of the right person, you were ready. Finally, you were in the right place by intention. There you were, at an event where music lovers gather to share in a magical moment.

So Seneca had the right idea. And I have a few of my own to help you get prepared to experience your encounter(s) with luck. First, be open. See the opportunity around you. I appreciate the smallest wins; those little victories set me on the path towards much larger ones. Opportunities that I would’ve missed if I hadn’t been so open and aware.

Next, be fearless. When the moment presents itself, throw caution to the wind and give it everything you’ve got. Be afraid to miss the opportunity; not in the possibility of screwing it up. Then, when you come up against roadblocks (because they will come) see it as something meant to make you reevaluate. Not give up. Finally, be resilient. Because success is not for the faint of heart. You have to bring your best, most fierce self if you want to win. And then you must repeat. Fearless, Openness, Resilience, and Grit.
Be prepared to be lucky.

Keep Hustling, Girls.

XO, PoshTori

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