Humanity – We are One

The catastrophic impact of the recent natural disasters has unified us with empathy, compassion and cohesion. Division does not reside in this continuum of space and time.    We are all one, because we are part of the human family.  The humbling part of this, is that we realize at any given moment each one of us may be at the mercy of the forces of nature.  We have followed our hearts and opened our hands to help our connected human family.  When we lead from the heart, we are creating a powerful vortex of love.  This vortex serves as the catalyst that will support humankind to rise once again from this devastation.  At a time of such great need, it is important to restore our souls through something we identify with, that is greater and stronger than ourselves.  May you find some comfort and peace in the following words.

Humanity ~ We are One

Restore our faith.
Lead us to the stars and beyond.
From the source of all that is,
Let us know,
why we are here,
and why we belong.

Restore our faith.
Believe ~
we are here to hold on to each other.
May we feel the warmth
of our hearts & hands Intertwined.
To trust, to love, as One.

Restore our faith.
May we see what is here.
May we see what is gone.
May we pick up the pieces
to rebuild and move-on.

Restore our faith.
Feel the love,
the breath of souls all around.
Follow the thread of global light,
the circle of warmth that surrounds.
This is Our “Earth”,
This is Our “Home”,
We are here to protect it,
We are here to support it,
We are here to let it thrive.

Restore our faith.
As it rides on the wings of hope,
May it ground us,
May it grow us,
May it expand us.
This is our time to ‘Rise’.
This is our time to ‘Shine’!

Restore our faith.
Humanity survives.
In the beginning,
In the end,
all there is,
is Love.

Restore our faith.
May we walk in Grace.
Humanity~Rising Together~As One

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