A Sit Down Interview with the Creators of the Hustler’s Agenda

I had the honor of sitting down with the creators of the Hustler’s Agenda last week. As an Entrepreneur, it’s important to me to have a planner that accommodates my lifestyle. I’m a boss babe on the go that has a business that has several moving parts. So naturally, when I found out about the Hustler’s Agenda it only made sense that I get my hands on a copy and haven’t been disappointed. Let’s get into the interview that I did with Bianca Li Channer and Martika Gregory so you can get a behind the scenes look on why they created the project.


What is a Hustler or Finessesional?

A collision of “finesse” and “professional”, the finessessional embodies the elevated hustler. This is a person who can create a professional opportunity and works smart and can create something substantial from limited resources.  


Are any of the creators of The Hustler’s Agenda side hustlers?

Together, we founded NONTRAST, an experience design studio based on us collaborating so often as freelancers with complementary yet different skill-sets. NONTRAST develops in-house lifestyle products and projects, while consulting and designing products and experiences for commercial artists, music and lifestyle brands.


3. What inspired you to create a planner?

We needed to organize our own projects and side projects and noticed that the planners currently on the market didn’t have the things we, as creative and entrepreneurial women, needed. We wanted to develop something that catered to varying creative processes. We like to write things down and sync up too. The Hustler’s Agenda was born out of a necessity for ourselves and recognized it would be a great tool for others too.


4. No cheesy quotes, stickers or the usual super feminine layouts – why?

The Hustler’s Agenda was intended to be aesthetically ambiguous and gender neutral. It’s generally believed that more detailed agendas are targeted towards women, but during our research phase, our male and fluid-identifying peers revealed that if a planner fit their aesthetic and lifestyle, they would use it.


Rather than gender-focused, it’s intended to feel cinematic, like you’re creating your day-to-day story; the legend of your life. Every aspect of the agenda comes from our real lives, or references a belief we stand by.


5. Why is reflection important? Particularly as a hustler?

Given the times we live in, it’s very easy to become consumed by your goals – where everything we do is broadcasted/published and the “hustle” has very much become more of a lifestyle than a mindset. To hustle is also to know when to consult your values, when to pivot and re-prioritize as you go.


Reflection is vital to maintaining self-awareness and self-care in your day-to-day. Our Gratitude Spreads asks the user to consider their current state and take a moment away from the professional work to support inner dialogue.


I recommend every Boss Babe get their hands on this planner before it sells out. I specifically appreciate the free space to map out my ideas, the monthly reflection time and the visual timeline at the beginning of the planner to keep me on track throughout the year. The new year has just begun, and I urge you to plan your projects, map out those goals and practice gratitude by purchasing the all-in-one Hustlers’ Agenda today.

 Happy Hustling,

Danielle xo

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is a woman of many talents and refuses to let a single one go to waste. This Toronto-based serial entrepreneur keeps her hands full as an author, speaker, stylist and non-profit founder, all while doing her most important job as a full-time mama of one. Marching to the beat of her own drum and a playlist of her favourite 90s R&B, she’s blazed a path of her own. A master multi-tasker, marketing and branding enthusiast, and fierce self-love advocate, Danielle is the epitome of a boss babe. Committed to helping Millennial women shine, she’ll be serving tips, tricks and honest advice on everything from Getting Unstuck to Authenticity.

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