Ignore The Noise, Follow Your Voice

I’m currently writing this piece from my beautiful villa in Canggu, Bali.

A cool breeze is running through the air, and rain is slowly dripping into the infinity pool that I can see just over the tips of my toes.

Vacation? No, this is my home…for now, anyway.

This time last year I was in the process of moving home after an awful 5 months of living in a new state. I was battling depression, anxiety, extreme stress and was working part-time jobs I hated while hustling to build my network marketing business. I was surrounded by negative environments and was questioning everything about my life. Now, one year later, I am living my dream in Bali. What!?

I’ve never wanted the traditional path. Through college I knew I wanted so much more out of life, but always felt the pressure to take the traditional route. On paper, my skill-set and experience was everything it should have been for an upcoming young professional. On the inside, I dreaded all of the things I was apart of and knew I couldn’t bring myself to take the “safe route” after graduating. So I didn’t.

The past year and a half has been filled with an insane amount of ups and downs, uncertainty and questioning. I’ve been questioned by friends and family and have doubted myself more times than I can count. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so passionate about encouraging young people to follow their passions and their inner voice instead of giving into what they feel like they should do. Please don’t give up your passions for a paycheck. Please don’t listen to people who are unhappy telling you to take the safe route. Don’t listen to the noise of everyone telling you what you should do and who you should be.

Your intuition knows best. Trust what your inner voice is telling you. Create the space to listen to the pull of your heart. Ignore the noise, follow your voice.

Lynn Hulver

Digital Nomad/ Entrepreneur

Lynn is a 23-year-old dreamer, world traveler and digital nomad who loves exercising outside and is always planning her next adventure. When not working towards her dreams, she is either seeking out the best almond milk lattes from health food cafes or getting lost exploring nature. Her mission is to empower millennial women around the world to live their passions, strive for greatness and never settle for anything less than extraordinary. Follow her journey around the world on Instagram @lynnhulver.

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