How To Improve Your College Assignment Organization

I get it. College can be absolutely messy. All students can agree that managing time to dedicate towards your assignments can be difficult. I still try to find new ways to keep myself in line and up to date with my assignments. However, I do have a few things to recommend to improve your college assignment organization plan.

Check and Organize Through Every Class Syllabus

I cannot stress this enough! You have to look at your syllabus for each course to make sure you are at the right pace and on track. Lord knows how many times I have made the mistake of being too lazy to check. None of us can afford to lose any points! Keep up!

Keep a Calendar

Buy anything that fits your fancy. Whether it has cute puppy dogs or your favourite celebrity (I do like to have my Benedict Cumberbatch one to look at often), find one that you will constantly look at. Jot down important assignments, exams, and projects on their due dates. Keep it open, on your wall, and by your bed.

Make a To-Do List

Create this list on a notebook at your bedside or on your desk. Keep this notebook open and check off anything you finished. Believe me, nothing feels better than checking off an assignment and moving onto the next. Organize by class.


I truly hope these tips will help you get by through your college semester. Good luck!

Carry on, my wayward sisters.



Gabriella Batres

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