Invest in You: 5 Ways You Should Be Investing In Your Goals

Adulting can be hard. Of the many things we’re perpetually working through, being responsible with our resources tops that list. We need to save our money. We need to use our limited time wisely. These are good rules to follow, but there are times when we need to loosen up the reigns a bit. When it comes to our goals we should allow ourselves leeway. Giving ourselves the space to invest in personal development is imperative.

Here Are FOUR Ways to Invest In You, Guilt-Free:

1. Buy the Book

investWe live in an information age. If we want to know anything there are likely more than a few resources to help us out.  The world wide web is a great FREE way to find much of what we’re looking for. It’s a great idea to buy hardcopies of books too. Take advantage to the easy access to info.

Spend some money on being more knowledgeable about your craft. If you’re not into that you can always head to your local library and borrow books. Either way, don’t be afraid to invest [money and time] in tracking down important information and having at your finger tips.

There’s value in building your own personal library. Having access to specific information is one value point. If you’re a note taker, having the freedom to mark-up your books is another good reason to own them.

All in all, don’t be afraid to spend a little cash on literary resources.

2. Take the Course

There’s a lot to learn through personal experience. Sometimes trial and error are our best teachers. Other times, why not skip the struggle and learn from others? The knowledge of others is a great resource too.

If you come across a class or workshop that offers some value, go for it. There are experts in our fields offering opportunities to learn, many of whom have already mastered what we’re working toward.

Workshops are also a great way to build your network. They give us a chance to connect with others in our respective fields, on all levels. We can meet people who are just starting out, those in the thick of it, and those mastering what we’re striving for. All have value to our personal and professional development.

It’s a good idea to think outside of the box when taking courses as well. Your business requires you to learn a specific set of skills, but you don’t have to stop there. Make yourself as well-rounded as possible without spreading yourself too thin.

3. Get the Certification

People like to know that they are working with an “expert” or at the very least a qualified professional. Those of us with certifications tend to have more “clout” when someone is looking to employ our services.

Every service we offer doesn’t come with a certification. There are also many services you can offer without having any sort of license. It’s okay to not have any formal certificate (as long as it’s legal, obviously) but in most cases you increase your worth by having credentials. In many cases, the extra letters behind your name justify your pricing too.

Invest in certification and/or licensure. Some are more expensive than others but don’t let that deter you. Dip into your self-investment fund, take the course, and get the certifications. You won’t regret it.

4. Take the Trip

There are many great ways to find out what’s going on in and around your city. A simple google search can lead you to events you may be interested in attending. Depending on where you are in the world, these events may not be local. Maybe there’s a weekend retreat happening across the country, or a workshop taking place two states away.

investIt’s a great idea to travel a few times per year in the name of professional development. Go to conferences and workshops even if that means taking a flight or a long drive. This can be especially beneficial to those of us from small towns or cities that are often underserved. Awesome events may not make their way to our communities, but that shouldn’t stop our access if we can help it.

**Vacations are also quite important, in my humble opinion, so don’t be afraid to set some money aside for leisure travel as well. Which brings us to the next point…

5. Treat Yourself

This one lends itself more to personal development but is equally as important. This is also the one many of us struggle with. We either do too much or not enough when it comes to treating ourselves.

Investing in our own self-care is very important. This can be a refreshing form of therapy. The activity may be different for everyone but the goal is to do things that make us happy. Choosing things that help us relax and unwind are always beneficial to our personal development.

We are allowed to enjoy life and are more productive when we feel good. Find yourself a healthy distraction and dive in.

Invest in yourself and your boss babe goals.

Start saving for your investments in yourself. Set up a “personal/professional development fund” today. It’s less of a burden if the money is already allotted for these sort of purchases. Put a certain amount of money aside as often as you decide. Use that money for investments in books, courses, travel and the like. Start investing in your goals kick the spending guilt to the curb. The return on your investments will make it worth it!

Tiffanie Bernard

Tiffanie is the Founder and CEO of Embodi Collective, THE place for all things indie, plus size and dope! We’re pretty sure that she was born with the creative bug. As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for designing and creating. Her most recent endeavors have lead her to women's fashion. Tiffanie understands the importance of developing your own personal style and how difficult it can be to find the right pieces to bring it all together. Embodi Collective is the answer to that need.

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