Life Does Get Tough. Just Make Lemonade

The thing about life is that there will always be bitterness along with the sweetness. Some of the best moments in my life were happening parallel to some of the worst. Yes, life does get tough. But when it does, make lemonade.

When my oldest son, Cristian was born, I was dealing with finding out that my husband had been unfaithful to me in our marriage.

Talk about bittersweet lemonade, indeed!

As women, too many of us know how that betrayal feels. I was angry, sad, and everything in between that spectrum of emotions. Imagine, you’re ready to give birth anlearn to make lemonadey day for the first time, learning that your life is not at all what you thought it was.

There I was, giving him one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being, and he’d done something that was the most selfish.
Fortunately for me, I found the strength to focus that negative energy into the sheer will to survive. Not just survive; to thrive!

It was during my divorce several years later that I started taking my business seriously. Up until that point, I never concerned myself with bills, expenses, assets, like none of that. I went from living at home with my parents to the dorms at Florida State University, to getting married to him. I knew nothing, like Jon Snow.
I now know, in hindsight, that the things we consider tragic offer times where we can tune in, and see what the lesson is. This has been my saving grace in life. In my tragedies, failures, and saddest moments, I seek out the lesson. Roadblocks are often flashing lights meant to get our attention. They are purposely dropped in our path so that we can take a moment and re-evaluate the choice or situation.

By using roadblocks as an opportunity to redirect and reconsider, I have found many jewels and triumphs in sad or frustrating times.

One example is shortly after my divorce. I knew and feared not having someone there to pay the bills. The only expense l was responsible for paying each month was my Range Rover; so I didn’t even understand how much I would need to make monthly bill payments or how I would sustain a life for myself and my boys.

I thought to myself; I spend all of my time making things. And dropping off/picking up the boys. How will I do this by myself? But the alternative was staying married to someone with zero self-control and putting myself in all sorts of other risks.

This decision led me to the Case of the Month. A product that I sell monthly to a minimum of 1k people @$55 each month! It changed my life. Correction, I changed my life. By being unwilling to accept failure and take on my fears instead of giving in to them.

In that pressure, I was forced to figure out a way. I learned that sometimes, the pressure is good for you. And what’s bitter in the beginning sometimes just needs a little stirring. The sugar is just stuck at the bottom.

Keep Hustling, Girls!

XO, PoshTori

Tori Torres


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