The Necessity of Failure

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘success’?
Do you think of owning a booming business? Or maybe you think of scoring that amazing position in your field of choice. We all talk about success so much! What it means to be successful, we even talk about ways to become more successful…
One thing that we don’t seem to talk about enough is the necessity of failure.

As humans, we are so afraid of failure. The word has so many negative connotations. When we think of failure we think of defeat, guilt, and shame. Just hearing the word is enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the most courageous of #Bossbabes. Along with these misfortunes and missed opportunities, there are lessons that reveal to us that failure isn’t always a bad thing.

Let’s explore. Shall we?

Failure breeds new opportunity.

I know how disappointing it can be to set a goal and then not actually have achieved that goal. As an entrepreneur, I’ve done that many times. It’s been this uncanny ebb and flow of trial and error. In that process, most of my failures in one area lead me to discover new opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Failing at something doesn’t mean that we don’t get any more new opportunities. It means you have a chance to begin fresh, and create again. 

Failure helps you grow.

Growing pains are essential in life. In the entrepreneur world, you will have A LOT of them. Truuuuuuussssssst me. *Insert nervous laugh here* Listen, some of my biggest moments of clarity and growth happened after I had been unsuccessful with whatever venture I was pursuing at the time. As dynamic and multifaceted people, we need to be able to see the ‘good’ that we can take out of a bad thing. I wasn’t always good at code, design, or time management. Heck, at one point in my life I wasn’t even good at dealing with people. But through my failed projects, failed friendships, and nonsensical designs I learned the necessity of keeping an open mind. If I had allowed myself to be frustrated and stay in a “stuck” place, I wouldn’t have been able to open my mind to new information that then enabled me to figure out where the ‘thing’ went wrong and what to do better next time. 

Failing can actually help solve issues.

As I sort of just mentioned, failure can actually help you solve a lot of issues…Some of the time… Being bad at one thing can often time help you find your “Ah ha!” moment in another area. Try viewing failure as more of a puzzle rather than an obstacle. Only the pieces are all different, even though they do eventually go together. It’s like having a cookie jar full of cookies, but each cookie is a different flavor.

Failure can be an incredible source of motivation.

Let your failures become stepping stones to your success. Entrepreneurship is scary, no doubt. We must find the courage to dig deep inside of ourselves to dismantle our fear and face our hang-ups head-on. The best and biggest thing that comes from our defeat is knowledge. With our new knowledge, we can move on to better ventures or into a better situation knowing that failure will not put an expiration date on us or on our projects.

So there you have it! While failing at something may not feel glorious, our mishaps do serve a purpose, especially if it is self-improvement that we seek. As long as we are able to regroup and remember to make failure work for us. Failure can be our friend, but we must handle it the correct way. It’s not “New Year, New Me”. It’s “New Year, Better Me”.  It begins now.

Katheryn Lisa


Katheryn Lisa is a Mompreneur and #BOSSBABE writer who broke out of the corporate '9 to 5' and is living life on her own terms. Katheryn Lisa is passionate about personal development and dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and motivating other female entrepreneurs in digital entrepreneurship. Katheryn Lisa recently launched an apparel and accessories line specifically for female entrepreneurs. Katheryn Lisa is calling all Unicorns, Goddesses, Wandresses, to come join her tribe of amazing girl bosses. #TheFutureIsFemale Follow her on Instagram: @katherynlisa, @hustlenheartco

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