Know Your Worth – Even as a Beginner

It can be challenging to establish yourself as a freelancer or entrepreneur. As a novice, it’s difficult to know your worth in the marketplace, even when the internet abounds with articles and calculators to help you determine your going rate. Philosophically knowing that your work is worth some compensation isn’t something you can calculate online; it’s something you must know in your heart.

How to Know Your Worth If You’re New to Freelancing

Many of the freelance job postings I’ve seen on various job boards and freelance job groups will post a rate the client will pay for a particular job. I appreciate this because I can immediately determine whether or not it’s worthwhile for me to apply for the job. If there’s no rate listed, then you’ll have to determine your rate for this task. How much is this gig worth to you? Accept nothing less than that.

Some websites – which will remain unnamed here – have jobs up for bid. The freelancer who can do the job at the lowest cost to the client will likely get the job. You may have found good gigs on these sites, but they are less than ideal places to build your reputation. You run the risk of undervaluing your work permanently.

The novice freelancer who knows their worth and determines a range of rates acceptable to them will control their future income much more effectively. By second-guessing your rates and accepting jobs for less than your desired pay, you’re giving yourself a reputation for cheap work. Clients will know that they can hire you for less, and they’re unlikely to offer you more over time.

But Finding Work is Hard!

Yes, it is. But if you know your worth, or at least a fee range of what’s acceptable for you to get paid, you will find gigs. It might take a while, but it’s worth it to build a reputation based on the quality of the product you provide. You’ll attract clients who will consistently pay you what you’re worth.

know your worth


Jillian is a former Spanish teacher, current freelance editor, writer, and web developer. She is also an armchair film critic, food blogger, amateur philosopher, and cat enthusiast. After a life of working for other people, she decided to follow a long-time dream and pursue a freelance career. She is excited to share her experiences in starting a freelance business with Boss Babe readers, both her successes and failures, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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