La La Land, The Hills, and Entrepreneurship 16 Years Later

La La Land, The Hills, and Entrepreneurship 16 Years LaterWhen I started my journey into entrepreneurship, I had no idea that 16 years later, I would be right here helping you discover the joys and freedom that it brings.

But I cannot express to you how happy I am to be here. I’ve been available to my sons -which is why it all started in the first place. I’ve met some incredible people. My products have been featured on major tv shows, and I have had a blast! 

For years, I attended backstage celebrity swag events – ever seen The
La La Land, The Hills, and Entrepreneurship 16 Years Later
Hills? I actually lived that life! Every other month I’d be out in La La Land, at The Standard Downtown L.A., penthouse suite, with the biggest and up and coming celebs, partying and collaboration! And ultimately, building my business into a bonafide brand! Sometimes I watch reruns of the show just to relive the moments! I was the black girl who’s part was happening further in the background, LOL!

What if you could do that with your business?

There’s nothing so special about me, except that I was determined to stand out! To live life on my own terms…and by doing that, I have had some of the best moments – in real life – that anyone could experience!

What’s so great is…you can do this, too. If you want to take your business to a brand, there are definite steps that you can use to get there.

First, define your voice, message, and look. Branding is essential if you want to stand out and be recognized. Next, get a consistent content strategy and post with purpose! Finally, answer the desire of your customer. Give them what they want!  Branding is essential for business development, growth, and increasing your followers.

You too can live a life full of exciting and adventurous experiences. I’ve lived it. You can too…

Start now! Your destiny awaits…

Keep Hustling, Girls

XO, Tori

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