Learn How To Love Yourself Before Loving Others

We live in a society that has double standards. If you have a lower self-esteem, you don’t love yourself enough. When you love yourself, you are sometimes seen as conceited. Why would it matter what others think if you have learned to love yourself? It’s okay to be a little selfish and it is okay to take care of yourself. We all have to learn to love yourself before we can be loving to others. Here, I will tell you how you can pamper your body and your spirit. While we all love the encouragement and endearment of our loved ones, it’s always a glorious feeling to learn self-acceptance. You are the only one in charge of your mind, spirit, and body. Teach yourself how to love yourself.


This is every person’s best friend and worst enemy. Sometimes, it can be an addiction. But doesn’t it always give you a sense of joy? Doesn’t retail therapy feel nice whether you absolutely splurge on a bunch of things or one item? My greatest tip is to treat yourself to one thing while you are purchasing essentials. Say for instance, you need to shop for groceries or for toiletries. As you scan through the shampoos and shaving creams, treat yourself to some soaking salts or a face mask. This will lead into my next suggestion.

Give Yourself a Spa Night

With those little luxury items you have purchased, use them for a spa night in the bathroom. Light some candles, fill your tub with warm water, give yourself a facial, etc. While soaking, I like to have my laptop aside and watch a show or a movie. Other times, I bring a book (keep a towel close for your hands!) and read to pass the time. If you don’t have a tub, that is fine. Take a shower and slap on some of your favourite lotion once you are finished. Pamper yourself once a week to treat yourself.

Diet and Exercise

This isn’t everyone’s favourite thing and it’s not mine, either. But with the proper diet and exercise, your health will improve. Drink lots of water and go for a walk. Make healthier decisions with your meals and snacks. Your body will thank you.


We all get complimented. But how many of them are genuine or just to make you feel good? Compliments are great! Everyone likes to receive them. But do you compliment yourself enough? Look at yourself in your mirror. Embrace whatever “flaws” you have. We are not all perfect Barbie dolls. We are not meant to be carbon copies of what society deems as perfection. Look at yourself and remind yourself that there is only one of you. Compliment yourself. Give yourself as many compliments as you would like.

Never forget to take care of yourselves and to love yourselves. Loving others are absolutely incredible, but you can’t forget about yourself.

Carry on, my wayward sisters.



Gabriella Batres

Blogger and Humanitarian.

Gabriella Batres hails from the magical kingdom of Orlando, FL with her family, her laptop, her books and her many posters of her favourite fictional characters. She enjoys reading comic books, watching her favourite films and television shows, dabbling into British culture, and has been writing for ten years. She is a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, a humanitarian, moscato connoisseur, and speaks fluently in sarcasm and British slang. In her senior year of college, she is majoring in communication studies.

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